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D.Juan Tenorio

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Hi babies!!Hi!!Hello! Hi, come on! Just introduce yourselves , please!! OK!! My name is Marisa Hello Marisa My name isThomas , Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson?? Are you kiddiing me?? No!! It's my name Thomas Jefferson?? Are you kidding me??No, it's my name what is wrong with that?? Well, I continue...How are you?? I am nervous, very nervous I know this. Just tell me..what is the problem?? I am sixteen!!..and that is my first time!! First time?? Yes!! Well, just relax!!...mmm!Your name?? Marisa. Marisa, relax!T hat is right!Relax yourself Nice to meet you!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you! You are welcome! Thank you!Relax!! That is my 24th casting! Oh!my God!! And..Where are you coming?? I am from Oxford. Yeahhhhh!! Actor's Studio Well, go on babies!! These are your costums. Thanks!! To you Marisa and that is for you!! That is the dialog! OK!! One moment please!! And.. then..... Well!! Hold on!!What?? What is this?? D.Juan Tenorio Juan Tenorio?? I haven't read it!! You don't know D.Juan Tenorio!! Have you never heard about him before??Ohhh!!!That is Spanish!!! Oh! my God!! He is one of the most important characthers of theather. You have to know it!! OK!!We have to know it! Why not?? We're starting!! Yes, yes! Ready?? On your knees! 3..2..1..we start!! Where are you going "Doña Inés"?? Let me leave D.Juan...let... Let me leave?? Be calm then my dear care!! Rest here and for a moment forget about the convent the gloommy shadows there Oh! My angel of love, do you see that on this secluded shore the moon shines clear and pure and one breathes more easily?? Ohh! God!!Silence! How can I stand to resist, with my sighing, any longer, without dying, ah!, such longing, D. Juan?? Ah!, to silence, for pity's sake, turn, for hearing you seems to me to bring my mind infirmity, and cause my heart to ...burn!! Don Juan!!! Don Juan!!.. I implore love me!! because I adore you!! My soul!! Those words indeed change my whole state of being and I know perhaps. I am seeing Paradise open to me. My God!! It is not!! ..What are you doing Marisa..? You are too expressive!! Oh! yeahhh! You seem overacted! Where is the problem?? Are not you relaxed?? Oh!my God..and you darling!! What is your problem?? You can't be a priest when you are talking! You have to improve yourself boy!! What do you expect me to be?? This is a shit! You can't be acting like this, because it is'nt very good... and for me it's that way you... . know and I am the director!! OK!! If you want me to repeat I can repeat it!! Well. Do you want to repeat?? OK!! Yes!! You are doing better, yes?? You are you going to do it better?? I expect it from you. OK!!Yes!! I will try... Don't be formal!! OK!!...and now... OK!!! Whhre are you going Doña Inés?? Let me leave Don Juan. Let me leave?? Be calm then, my dear care!! ...the gloomy shadows there. OH, MY ANGEL OF LOVE, DO YOU SEE THAT ON THIS SECLUDED SHORE THE MOON SHINES CLEAR AND PURE AND ONE BREATHES MORE EASILY??? Oh!!God! Silence!! How can I stand to resist with my sighing, any longer without dying, ah, such longing, Don Juan?? Ah!! To silence, for pity's sake, turn, for hearing you seems to me to bring my mind infirmity, and cause my heart to burn!! DON JUAN!! DON JUAN!! I implore you love me!!, because I adore you!! My soul!!Those words indeed change my whole state of being. and I know perhaps I am seeing the Paradise open to me. ...........Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!................ ........................................... I was expecting your best proof!! Thanks, thank you!! I hope so!!You are improving that ...... So...I think that.... I have the paper??The paper is mine?? You have had your second oportunity and you have wasted it!! so...and I think that...aahhhhhhhhh!!! you deserve to...Ohh! Ohhhhhhhh!!Thank you, thank you!!! Ohhh! I am an actress!!! Me too? Ah! well! That is the problem! I don't want you!! What?? Bye!! I am not interested in this paper!! Ehhhhhhh!! Take my dress!! Stealing me!! Oh!!my god!!!!

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Posted by: trujimana on Jun 17, 2011

We hava played the scene of D.Juan Tenorio on the sofa!!
We hope you enjoy it!!

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