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Dr. Cartier

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My name is Dr. Adrian Cartier and I am mathematics professor here at the University of Montevallo. I came to the University of Montevallo because of the academic curriculum. One of the things that really impressed me was how rigorous the mathematics program was. I made a point to tell the person who I interviewed with that this curriculum was a lot stronger than the undergraduate curriculum I had as an undergrad. The other thing that really impressed me about the university was the size. Having taught at a large university I know the pitfalls of a large class sizes. Montevallo having small class sizes allows for students to get really engaged. We have a lot of open dialogue, a lot of one-on-one opportunities There's a lot of excitement that goes with smaller classes. I feel that academic knowledge is better enhanced when you have this synergy of a relationship that is involved. The other opportunity that I really enjoyed was the fact that these students are able to take away more than just how to solve equations. One of our students just, she has recently been accepted to pharmacy school and she was really interested in doing her senior thesis into something that was applicable to her career. And together we decided that her senior thesis would be using differential equations and mathematical techniques in pharmaceutical science. These are very, very incredible opportunities that undergraduates get and it's because of a university like Montevallo that students get the opportunity to take these things and apply them to the real world I'm Dr. Adrian Cartier and I am becoming

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Posted by: umadmissions on Apr 22, 2010

Dr. Cartier talking about the classroom experience at UM

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