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Napoleon in Waterloo

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G...sent regiments from Andover and Brunswick Bavaria, ...Poland, ....Belgium, ...Prussia, Austria and the English! Seven hundred thousand of them, only two hundred thousand of us Seven hundred thousand once they have joined together We must attack them separately and fight. the Prussian army on Von Blücher...the English army on Wellington before they combine forces. I hand the Prussians over to you, Gouchi Thank you, sir And the English to you, Ned, With pleasure, sire Charge!! Charge!! Has he lost his mind? I haven´t given the order yet. Never,never charge the infantry. Before they´ve been broken up by a round of shells.. I heard them say he wanted to earn his reputation as the best calvalry officer in the army by leading a wonderful charge. A brilliant massacre! Cost us the battle as well as the future of France. Send for Grouchi, he´ĺl have finished with the Prussians by now He must direct his movements to follow Wellington’s left wing. Yes, sire! Marshall Grouchi... do you hear the cannon? Yes! I´m not deaf It is the Emperor. He is engaging the English. We must join him!! My orders are to pursue the Prussians. so, I´m pursuing the Prussians!! but how do you know they are up ahead and not spread around? I do not answer to you, General, only to the Emperor. -. The Prussians are over that hill and I´m preparing a big surprise for them. Go! Ride! Over there, sir! Over there! That cloud of dust. An army on the march Deboushi, bringing us thirty thousand more men. Send out scouts immediately. Make sure its our Marshall Groushi's army Whatś gotten into all of you? Taking initiative without waiting for my orders. Do you doubt what I say..., of course its Gouchi. Call him back. Who else would it be? Order rescinded, sir. No, no, no. Send out your scout. ..Since you´re all so afraid... As soon as Gouchi arrives, tell him I am waiting for him at the Santalier farm We will take it from the English. Yes, sire Sire, this prisoner has just been captured I don’t have time now to interrogate an English soldier. Ask someone else!!. He´s not English sire, he´s Prussian. Prussian?? How can he be Prussian? Where was he captured? This army approaching us is not Gouchi, its the entire Prussian army led by Blücher. Prussian army still exists? What is Gouchi doing? What's happening? why don't people do what I say? Why can't I count on anyone? Sir, we are all doing our best. Yes, sorry. I know you're all putting your hearts into it. Send in the guard!! They are the last troup we have! I know! I know Over here soldiers! Come and see how a Marshall of France beats his death.!! French soldiers! No one will ever forget your courage, but its time to lay down your arms! The hell it is!! Charge!!! Form the square! Protect the retreat! We will block the road to Shalliwaugh to cover our retreat. Our retreat…

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The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday 18 June 1815 near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. An Imperial French army under the command of Emperor Napoleon was defeated by combined armies of the Seventh Coalition, an Anglo-Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington combined with a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard von Blücher. It was the culminating battle of the Waterloo Campaign and Napoleon's last. The defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon's rule as Emperor of the French and marked the end of his Hundred Days' return from exile.

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