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Everything is OK

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Everything you read in the mainstream media is 100% true. Please, go back to your jobs. If you have not got a job, your are worthless human being. Consume! Consume! Consume until we have no planet left to consume. What you need to do is buy things that you don't need. That's the best way to support the economy. Smiling is bad for the economy. Please, do not smile. Please, go swiftly to your next shopping experience. It's very important that children to be trained in ripping people's bodies to shreds. So come and buy some games with lots of killing and destruction and war. Independent thoughts lead to chaos. Thinking is boring, thinking is hard work and is not worth the energy. If you see bodies on the street ??, get them to leave their religion. What if they try to get out and meditate? Meditation is a waste of good shopping time. Miserable people shop more so please remain as miserable as you can. ?? on my planet call you sheeple, not people I will not speak so low, ?? [laughter] It's very nice. We have security in a corporate zone imitating public servants. The first fake policeman arrives What am I to do? Can I ask you why are you just stopping and impersonating police officer? You are suggesting that I put my megaphone down and stop protesting. I am not protesting. I am just speaking through megaphone and what I do is give people a hug. All you need is a hug. You need a hug. - You call me? - Yes ?? Get back inside and get back to work. That's what you should be doing. Stop putting your head out there. ?? lunch hour. The more you work you better. When you die, you will regret you haven't worked more. By the way, gentlemen, if you were told not to film this and it is abuse of power, you are completely entitled to film whatever you like and that is on the metropolitan police website, so please continue. Isn't it amazing when people are in uniform they completely lose their mind? [Police officer:] Listen, would you put down that megaphone, ???? I know you do, but I prefer to speak on the megaphone for everybody knows what I'm saying. - You haven't got a permission to be here. No one get permission ???, hold up a sec Excuse me, Madame, do you have permission to be here? You have permission? You have permission? You are very very naughty loving people I think we can have together lots of police out there.

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Producer: Charlie Veitch
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Posted by: rakosnicek on May 7, 2012

This is a montage I made of the work of the "Everything is OK" guys. I learned about them because FeverIAm favorit'ed one of their videos on his page. Thanks Fever.

Please make sure to visit their page at:

Note to YouTube:

I have been given permission by Charlie (of the page to use this footage in this manner.

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