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Connected Theatrical Trailer

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[The following Preview has been approved for Appropriate Audiences] [by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.] [The film advertised has been rated PG, Parental Guidance Suggested] So I'm at lunch with this really good friend of mine, and we are having a fantastic time. I haven't seen her in years; we're laughing, drinking, talking. But I'm still getting this urge to check my e-mail. [World Premiere 2011 Sundance Film Festival] I was like, Tiffany, stay focused. You traveled all the way across the United States to see her; stay focused. But eventually it was like it overtook me, and then I fake-needed to go to the bathroom. [The award-winning new film from Tiffany Shlain acclaimed filmmaker & founder of The Webby Awards] So I excuse myself, grab my phone go into the bathroom stall, kind of hiding, texting, emailing, thinking, "What have I become?" I can't be the only one sneaking to the bathroom to check my e-mail. Technology is clearly changing us and the way we connect with our friends, our families, and the world around us. [inter+network=internet] So I set out to make a film about what it means to be connected in the 21st century. [Progress] Things are changing. There's so much more to think about. And that pace of change is only accelerating. How much faster can it go before we can't keep up? This was the kind of question I was exploring in this film. And then I had this year that turned my world upside down [Sirens] and forced me to rethink everything I thought I understood about the ways we're connected. [Sirens] [♪ dramatic music ♪] We, as humans, have accumulated so much knowledge. Why do we have such a hard time seeing the bigger picture? ["With humor and creativity all its own, connected illuminates the issues that affect us all..." Al Gore] ["A personal yet universal story about the Internet Age." The Hollywood Reporter] [♪ dramatic music ♪] ["A truly thrilling experience." Paste Magazine] For centuries, we've been declaring independence, and perhaps it's time to finally declare our interdependence. [♪ dramatic music ♪] [connected] [in theaters fall 2011] [join the conversation,] [twitter @tiffanyshlain #connected,]

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Director: Tiffany Shlain
Views: 2,952
Posted by: connectedthefilm on Aug 29, 2011

With wonderful heart and an impressive sense of scale, Tiffany Shlain's vibrant and insightful documentary, Connected, explores the visible and invisible connections linking major issues of our time—the environment, consumption, population growth, technology, human rights, the global economy—while searching for her place in the world during a transformative time in her life. With humor and irony, the Shlain family life merges with philosophy to create both a personal portrait and a proposal for ways we can move forward as a civilization.

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