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Keren about the project

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Shalom, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about what we call the Zohar Project. I like more to say, you know, the Light Process. But originally, originally many, many years ago we decided or the Centre decided that if Kabbalah is a light force for people and the seed of that lies in the teachings of the Zohar of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, than most important thing we can offer to people is the ability to come into that energy by reading the Zohar, scanning, than we went into scanning, as the Rav used to say. People used to say: "What do you mean 'scanning'? You know, we have to read". And then the Rav used to say: "But when you go into a grocery store and they run it across, you know, the scanner, it's 'kolet', it takes the energy". And he said: "And so does our body and our mind when we even scan the Zohar". Because it's the energy that's inside of it. Off course, is far better for all of you here that we read Hebrew, and I will tell each and every one of you at least a little bit every day. So why we decided and how we decided to create this Zohar Project? Well, firstly, we were initiating, you know, getting everybody Zohar in every home. And I think, I'm not sure, but I think it started by being in the States, and allowing people who wanted the Zohar, places like, for instance, Florida there was tremendous hurricanes that were happening there. So we got a group together and we bordered the entire border of Miami with Zohars. And guess what? From that day until today, seven years later, hurricane hasn't hit down, hasn't set down in Miami. One of the things that we believe we can do is if we have that force of energy, we put it into tanks, and we have many stories of things that happened here in the army through having the Zohar at their side. We fly with it, we take it to the airport, we give it to the stewardesses, we give it to the pilots. And it's quite a beautiful process, I think, that somehow we feel that we can prevent real heavy weight negativity from happening simply by just allowing this special gift, this special amulet, if you will, into our homes, into our lives, into our cars. And that was the reason for the project. And so in every Centre, every place in the world we have a Zohar project. And the purpose is to make sure at least as much as we can to safeguard the peoples that no harm will before them. And that's the purpose. Secondary purpose, off course, is the most important that what we have to offer is the knowledge which sits inside, our ability to change our life, our ability to become better people via the teachings of the Zohar. So that's the reason we started the project.

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Keren about the project

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