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The world of magic is a simple one. You do things that are impossible. All you have to do is make people see things they're really not seeing. That's falooty here. Let's watch this next clip. You know what the four most wanted cards are in the game of poker? I'm just curious. This is separate, aside from -- what we're going to do -- Ace? -- Bonus one card? Probably the... -- Yeah. Are they only aces? Yeah, leave that away. That will come into a play way, way later on. I'm going to shuffle the cards mix them up And then, can one of you follow directions really well if I have you do something? Probably. You can follow directions, Barry? Okay good. So, the cards are shuffled. I want you to take the cards and what I want you to do is cut them into four more or less equal piles, okay? -- Take up the whole deck... -- That's it. Pretty good. -- One, and another one, and another one. -- Perfect. -- Okay, you cut wherever you wanted to, right? -- Yeah. I want you to do the whole thing from this point on, okay? Okay. Take a pile, let's say, take that one. -- Okay. -- Pick it up. I want you to transfer three cards from top to bottom. -- Like that? -- Yeah. This is going to be a weird way of mixing the cards that we're going to mix some more. Then... Put a card like on each other's pile. Okay. One, two, three. Put that one down. -- Let's say, take this one. -- Okay. Pick it up. Three cards from top to bottom. One, two, and three. One card on top of each other's pile. Like that, huh? Two cards and then, take let's say, this one. Okay, this one. Put them away, Madam. One, two, three. You are an expert magician's assistant here, Barry. Brilliance! All right, pick up the... I think we got one more pile, right? -- I think you're right. -- Okay, three cards from top to bottom. One, two, and three. Very good. The one on top of each other one. -- One... -- One, two, three, all right. Set those down. So, we got our four piles, am I correct? Yes, we do. Let me ask you a question... First off, I shuffled the cards. It's hard to follow where any cards go oven from there. Then, you took the cards. You cut them into not one but four packets. Yeah. Did you cut wherever you wanted to? Yes, I did. And then, we took the cards, and we... three here, three there, piles at random, top of each other's pile -- Weird way to do it but it was done, right? -- Yeah. But you did cut wherever you wanted to. Yes, I did. I did not influence you. No, you didn't. What were the four most wanted cards in the game called poker? -- Four aces.-- -- Four aces, you know? No way. Check it out. One, two... [Laughter] No way. -- three... -- Wow. -- four. -- Oh! Oh! How did you do that? [Laughs] You didn't even touch the cards. That's why you're the poker player there. -- I never touched the cards. -- I watched.

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Posted by: aimglory on Aug 2, 2011


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