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In an industry driven by advice, your vision for your client's future is the cornerstone of our business. Hello, I'm Elaine Agather, and I'm region head for the south at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. But most importantly, I'm a banker. You know the markets. You understand the risk and rewards, but you've got to know your clients, and you've got to know them well. But the question is, could you know your clients better? Have they told you their aspirations or what keeps them up at night? Have you asked? What if we measured success by meeting our client's life defining goals rather than just their financial targets? Goals-Based Wealth Management is the next step in the evolution of our industry. And the approach begins with you and me. We will offer you the training resources, and digital solutions to go deeper and provide more personalized aspiration based advice. The main pillar of Goals-Based Wealth Management is helping our clients achieve both their core and their aspirational goals. Now, to aide you in these efforts, we've developed a new industry leading digital system designed to guide an interactive dialogue with your clients, walking them step by step at the table through multiple scenarios in real time right there. These dialogues will not only give you a greater insight into your client's visions for the future, but can also help you more easily capture information about their full balance sheet, both here at J.P. Morgan and all of those assets held away. In addition to providing you with a new wealth projection system, each of you will have the opportunity to attend a comprehensive training program to support you in leading these meaningful goals based conversations. We know that true advantage in the marketplace comes from knowledge, and more importantly, how you use that knowledge to deliver sound advice and drive results. In keeping with that ideal, we are also introducing wealth strategists who will work together with you and your client as a dedicated resource. This team structure will ensure you have all the support you need to fully leverage the firm's resources to help achieve results. Now, based on decades of experience—and I have been here for decades— I know that the most powerful and successful force in wealth management is building strong, lasting relationships that grow over time, and take work. Goals-Based Wealth Management is the future of our industry. It is what bankers do, and it's our vision for tomorrow.

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