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Elektra Luxx (2011)

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(male) Hey, I'm Bert Rodriguez. Sex blogger. One performer stands taller than the rest. [gunshot] Elektra Luxx. (Elecktra) Am I interrupting something? (male #1) Yeah. [hands slap] (Bert) All the acclaim, the high profile affair with late rock star Nick Chapel, But Elektra Luxx's sudden retirement from the adult film industry, defined the end of an era. (woman) I heard you quite the biz? (Elektra) I'm pregnant. (woman) Oh my god. I'm so thrilled. Is it yours? You're teaching at a commune? (Elektra) I teach at a community center. Chapter two. How to seduce just about anything that moves. Group leader Stacey taught me to share. Miss Luxx, I need to speak to you about Nick Chapel. You heard about the briefcase Nick was carrying?All his songs are about you. (Elektra) Nobody's ever written a song about me before. How can I ever pay you back? (woman) I need you to seduce my fiance. Excuse me? Hi! He's not my fiance. I'm a private detective. I was hired by the band to find the missing lyrics. How was your day? (Elecktra) A disaster. (girl) Sex, drugs, murder? (Elektra) No drugs involved. (Bert) Once again you are tuned in to the frequency of the erotic. Are you a little flustered? [laughs awkwardly] A little clammy, maybe. ♪ All I wanna do is fall in love ♪ Life is fleeting. And if today is a day you want to be bad - why not. Be real bad. It's not bad form to look him straight in the eye and say, I don't know where I'm going, but if you move, I will kill you. ♪ All I want to do is fall in love ♪ So can we do this again some time? (Elektra) I don't know. I mean, you talk a lot. (man) I don't have to. (Bert) It won ever major award, including two, best actress statuettes, for Miss Luxx. (woman) I need you to check it out. Mom, please, not now, please!

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 2, 2011


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