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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to PartenerTV news. Let's see together the headlines of the most important PartenerTV's news. A woman died after a train shattered the cart she was in. An 18-years-old died electrocuted while he was washing the carpets at his employer's home. A truck full of beer capsized in Mehedinţi County and blocked the traffic. The female janitors protested on the hallway of the County Hospital of Buzău, asking for their rights. Tragedy in a locality from Buzău, a woman lost her life after a train shattered the cart she was in. A 27-years-old woman died. Her six-years-old child and her seven-years-old brother were severely injured after the cart they were in was shattered by a slow-train at the railway level crossing. The first research conducted show that the event occurred due to the failure of the carters to pay attention to the signs at the railway level crossing. The event ended with the death of a person, and the other two are being carried to the County Hospital for medical care. The harness the three were in was driven by the woman's 42-years-old husband. Most likely, the man did not secure himself the moment he wanted to cross the railway the cart being overtaken by the Buzău-Nehoiaşu train in Vipereşti locality. The afflicted family was returning home from the rip rap river where they discharged the household rubbish. The only one who got away with some scratches was the man who was driving the harness. He did not require hospitalization, but is in shock. The two boys who survived are in critical condition and are under close medical supervision. This case is being researched by the policemen of the County Transport Office. The carter secured himself first, but he was crashed. I fell asleep a little, and the boy woke me up, I jumped out of the train, and I took one of the children from under the cart, and the other one was cut here..and there.. really injured. The lifting gate must be placed. When the train comes, the lifting gate must be placed, of course. Everyone from the village goes by and takes the cattle. Children, old women, all kinds of people. If there isn't any lifting gate, like children, they don't check the railway. The short circuit of life. An 18-years-old teenager from Vişeul de Sus died while he was washing the carpets at his employer's home. The accident occurred, probably, because the washing machine specifically brought from the company, was not connected to a proper plug and the youngster thought about taking his shoes off before doing the work. With his bare wet feet on the cement where he was about to wash the carpets, he set the washing machine, and then the terrible accident occurred.

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Posted by: partenertv on Sep 12, 2010


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