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Jacque Fresco - NY Z-Day 2010

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You know, we were all brought up to believe that everyone should have their right to their own opinion. Now let me tell you the danger of that. If your sister lived across the way from me and I see ten guys coming out of her apartment, I can have all kinds of opinions. She could be a language instrictor, ballet instructor. But if you give everybody a right to their own opinion, it becomes damaging. Because, I remember the beginning of the space program. Someone said you wouldn't see man on the moon for 1000 years. A guy like that should say: " I don't know enough about rocketry, I don't know anything about space travel. Therefor I can't give you an answer." Learning how to say "I don't know" is the most difficult thing! Don't take my word for anything. Just ask any congressman: "How would you stop automobiles from hitting each other?" "I don't know" How could you increase the agricultural yield so everyone can eat? "I don't know" Well, what the hell do they know? Our problems today are not political. 100 years ago politics was alright, not that good... Today our problems are technical. Everything, that you ??? Your Radio, your tele???, your airplains, your transportation. Its all technical. If it wasn't for technology you'd be pulling boats along the ?? river. It is technology, that moves things forward. Lightening, transportation, tunnels under the groung bringing water to you. If you turned of all the ???, all the refrigerators all the food in the refrigerator would spoil immetiately. All traffic would come to a stop. Now people say: "Well... You.. The troubble with you, Jaque, is that you want to give people things for nothing. I'm sure, you have heard that. Let me tell you a little about things for nothing... Just being born in any technical country today you got the light, the telephone, the washing machine, air transportation. You had nothing to do with that. You got it for nothing. Just being born here. The only trouble is businessman want things for nothing without putting out anything for nothing. So you have a society, thats a predatory society. If you get your car banged up somebody makes money fixing it. If you get a toothache, the dentist makes 1500$ for a root canal job. So everybody makes money on every form of mending(?). Now when your doctor says your kidney has to come out. Is he trying to pay of a new car? Or does your kidney have to come out? So they use the word trust. Really, there is no such thing. Everybody signs contracts because they don't trust each other Think about it! Then you've got the religious people. Another interesting group. They really believe there is a guy up in the clouds, that made the man and the women and put them in a beautiful garden... Of course later on he kicked them out. This is all a loving guy, by the way. He kicked them out of this beautiful garden and then he looks down to the earth and he doesn't like the way things are going, so he creates ?? play that killed half of the earths population. And if you don't follow his teachings, you burn eternally. Well, is that a psychopath? Man creates god in his own image. A ?? that gets angry, creates foods... That is not God. That is a man made attemt at trying to evaluate how all this came about. When you look up the clouds, say "I don't know" how it came. You don't make up any stories. It is amazing that people accept that! And somebody came to me and said: "Jacque, you want to try to make the world a better place" And I said: "It is not me that want to make the world a better place, the world is falling apart!" "Well, my kingdom is up there.", the guy said. And I said: "You forgot the lords prayer! ? Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is no business up there, no private ownership, no money..." And that is what Jesus said, I did not say that. I'm not religious, by the way. So the religious guy doesn't even know, what the hell he is reading. When the Jews where crossing the Red Sea and Moses lifted up the staff, then the sea parted, so the Jews can walk across. God could have put them on the other side without the sea party (?). Angels have wings. If they flew around without wings, that would be really interesting. Man is so stupid, he doesn't even know how to create a god. Beside, none of that ...?? If you don't understand a Resource Based Economy... It means that we would declare all the earths resources... as the common heritage of all the worlds peope. Where do you think, we got this country from? We took it by force and violence. And we took it from Mexico, Spain... And after we stole them all the land, we needed, and this holds as true to all of the other countries (?), we put up the sign: "Thou shall not steal" I can't say very much for the future... All I know is that I can't get on NBC, CBS or any mayor station. I think I was on Larry King about four times and he said to me: "Jacque, what do you think of Christianity?" I said: "Its a wonderful idea, when are they putting it into practise?" "?? the trouble with you is you criticize everything." I really didn't... One day I said: "Larry, if you have an airbag in fornt of you and if you get hit on the side, your head goes right through the glass. So the whole inside has to be an airbag." So he says: "Why don't they do that?" I can't answer that... Why they don't do that. Why do you have war? We don't have war to bring democracy to another country. We have war to take oil. Or take advantage of that country. We don't go to bring goodness to anybody. That is not the like of the business work(?), To give you advantage without payment. But this is (?) gives you the business. (?) I'm going to tell you this: That the businessman will be happier in a resource based economy. This is very hard for people to understand. The richest capitalist is usually a dummy. I had one over at my house the other day, at the Venus Project and he said to me: "If you are so smart, ... come you are not rich? I said: "You are rich. How come you are not smart?" (?) I got all of these ideas form the human body. People think, I got them from communism. Communism uses money. Communism has banks. It has armies, navies, social stratificaiton and government. We don't have any of those things. It has nothing in common with any established system. So when we get to the question period you can question the hell out of me. But don't be polite! If you have any questions, just come right at them and if you ask a question and I fail to answer it say: "You didn't answer my question!" Don't be polite. Thank you for your time!

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Posted by: zeitgeistbrasil on Apr 13, 2010

Jacque Fresco from The Venus Project, speaking at the Zday 2010 NY event.

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