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I don't really think that there's an excuse to sort of say oh I'm fortunate I have an opportunity, you have to like either go in dead or whatever, if you really care, you just do whatever you need to do. You kind of have to be crazy. My Name is Saman Kesh, I'm a filmmaker my route is not a typical route because I was still in school while starting to work. My very first video I did while I was in an Arts Centre, I was an artist called "Cinnamon Chasers" it was essentially a music video for an artist that kind of offered to pay for the video in exchange for it to be the official video. The intent was to piggyback off of what I thought would be a really cool song and an artist that had some clout, then I started to realise that that was an interesting way to get people to watch your material. I think what makes it scary is that you have this feeling like you're never going to make anything again. Once you realise that you're going to keep making things it doesn't feel as bad. It's sort of just like ok, I hope people like this Saman has received 13 Staff Picks and is currently directing 2 features. It is a collaborative medium, I do like opinions I do like criticism but what I don't like is being bossed around, if somebody comes in going, I don't know this doesn't affect me as well, I think that's the best tactic. I think there's always a way to be respectful, a lot of people just want to be sometimes they'll just ask people in production, what do you think about that, or this is fun right? and they'll be like uh yeah, this is fun, and I'll be like are you sure? Are you lying to me? You know? But, I mean I think everyone has something valid to say. I definitely enjoy what actors bring I like when I have challenges, but I think, for me acting is always great because that's what you can't do and you kind of don't want to 100% control it, you want surprises. But there are moments where you're like "I need you to step here, because my camera has to do this" and I won't compromise. I think there's that push and pull, there are certain scenes that you just design going this is an actor moment, do whatever cool shit you want to do, just stay out of their way. I think I always have something to prove to myself, for me, I have to explore I can't repeat myself. And the moments I do I have some videos that are up there, I'm just like that was a repetition and I can tell. For me, I don't think I've made it and I don't know if I ever will think I've made it. That's like a sort of whole other dramatic emotional thing to talk about but I think it's also healthy for the creative process. Submissions open now through Oct. 25, 2015. For more information:

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