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20.11.17 Matt Joseph and Peterboroug Part3

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We're going to play for 4 minutes and your going to have a 90 second rest. [COACH TO AUIDENCE:] I'm just going to let them play for 1 or 2 minutes and then I'm going to remind them of the questions that we've given them before, and also I'm going to start to bring them the challenges of where if they're tagged in certain areas what I expect from them. At the moment they are very much thinking about getting forward as quickly as they can and not really thinking about much else. Right they've got a minute left, game is not going the way that I planned but they are still getting a sort of physical return for it but not what I want, so I'm going to manage it in about minutes time, when the games over. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] If you can tag Malachi in the front, your team gets a free kick, OK. If he's facing his own goal and you tag him on the back, he must pass to someone in his team. If he's standing there and you can take the ball off him, are you going to take it off him? Are you going to take it from him or are going to tag him? I think you'll take it off him, because if you take off him what can you do now? Score. Right so if you think you can tackle him and take it off him go and do that. If you get there quick enough and you can close him down and put him under pressure, you're going to force him to make a pass. What's your first thought's when you get the ball? [PLAYER:] How can I give it to someone else to receive it again. [COACH:] Behind you or in front of you? What's your philosophy? How do you play at Peterborough? [PLAYER:] We like to go forward. [COACH:] There you go, go forward's. Play. Can you win it back Green's? As quickly as you can Green's, now go break. Brilliant. Break now. Brilliant, well done Green's ball. Don't let him tag you. Brilliant well done. Don't let him tag you. Let's go, play. He just has to pass it if you tag him. Brilliant, well done great take. Finish. Love that movement to get up there, well done. 30 seconds to go. Great shot, good save. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, brillant, 5, 4, good shot, good save. When you're now playing this game I want you to try and win your 1 v 1 battles, OK, so if somebody is facing you up, can you run past them if you're in your own half. If you're in their half, can you be stronger than them to either get the ball or protect the ball. That's a great challenge, loving that. Can you run him Ashden, go on take him on. 1v1, go on 1v1 brilliant you two. Now you might have to protect it. Love the skills. Well done, love that. Good challenge. That's great defending. That's not good, that's great. This time can you try and create as many overloads as you can, in the opposition half. OK. So Green's when you're attacking that way, can you run past the Reds, and overload them to create more opportunities to receive the ball. It's when we've got to move to receive, OK. If you get in there go and score, Red's you're the same, can you create as many overloads in that half as you can do. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] Could and should lock on a lot quicker but they don't [COACH TO PLAYERS] Travel Green's, that's a great ball. Finish. Brilliant follow up Green's. That's why you follow up, Green's. Ball off. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] In stuff like that so when we've talking about overload and breaking, that's the bit where you want them to break because that's what happens. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Good work, drive. Go on, get back Green's, get back Green's. Come on. Well done you two. That's excellent work. That's excellent work look where you've run from, to go and help out. Good boy. That's great work. That's a real desire to want to keep the ball. Well done, just be careful of your challenges. Stop it, stop it. What was the topic we were working on today. OK alright so movement to recieve the ball. The stuff that I was looking at was the physical stuff that you have to do, to move to receive the ball. The questions over here were about what do you need to do to receive the ball in space. Well what do you have to do to receive the ball in space? So how do you get in space? Moving how, slowly? Quickly? Does it always have to be quickly? OK so your trying to move into space so you've got time, a bit more time, a before the players can get close to you. That's what we said about tagging players because I wanted you to realise that if you can get the ball and play without somebody tagging you, that's probably a good space you've got into. What do you have to do to protect the ball? Shielding, so are you going to give them 1 point or 2 points or you going to let them have 5 points. So sometimes you might just have to let them have the 1 point when there close to you, but you can still protect it.

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