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Felix Saves The Day

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The Poor man said "Thank you Felix" Felix answered "Not a problem buddahh i got a whole bunch at home!" The Golden Goose lays eggs for Felix so he can turn the golden eggs into coins. Felix puts all the new coins into a bucket and brings it out front so he can give them to the poor people. An evil dog disguised as an old woman cat takes the coins from Felix and sneaks behind the house. Felix hugs the Goose The evil dog dressed as a cat knocks at the door He tries to convince Felix to let him in, but Felix caught on to his scheme and would not let him. HAHAHAHA Felix and the Golden Goose are very scared of the Dog. The Goose tries to hide but she cant. The dog keeps trying to break in. The Pirate Dog laughs at Felix as he spins around on the door. The poor Goose is tortured by the dog as he grabs her. The evil Pirate Dog escapes with the Goose to his Pirate Ship "ahhh they will never catch me now" He said. "Yooo Hooe Hooe and a bottle of Rum!" The Pirate dogs sang. "Muahah, Now I will be rich with the gold you will give me" "My reward... GETT DRUNNKK!" "Ohh No, Oh No, No No.. What do I do, I must get the Golden Goose back!" "Your going to make me rich" "Whats this? I know what I'll do !" BOOOOOOM!!!!!! "BAMMM!!!" "GET EM BOYS." Dogs cant escape the sheet Looks like Felix just might win this war "HY YA!" "Try and catch me now!" "UHHH OHHH" "Gotcha!" "This is our gold. We must load it up and bring it to the poor people" As it rained gold on the town's people, smiles were brought to everyone's faces. The town's people cheered and thanked Felix and the Golden Goose The End :)

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Duration: 7 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Jarred Martin
Director: Melissa Campbell
Views: 94
Posted by: campbellmel on Nov 4, 2009

Felix saving the day

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