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The Guilt Trip (2012)

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Andy! Andy! Hey Ma. Oh my baby! Look at you. Your hair is so long. Okay. (mom) Did you know Andy invented a new product? And he's going to go door to door selling it. Like Avon? Brushes or somethin'? No. Not even close. Are you seeing anyone? Are you seeing anyone? Don't be digusting. I thought you were seeing that girl with the exotic name. Bethany? Dad died when I was 8 years old. You haven't been on one date since then. (mom) Listen to you, worrying about me. You don't have to, because I'm fine. Do you want to come on my trip with me, Mom? You want to drive across the country with me? Yeah. No. You know, we won't be gone long. It's only 8 days. I can't wait! Andy, I am so excited! Alright, the adventure begins. Promise me you'll never pick up a hitchhiker. I promise I'll never pick up a hitchhiker. Good. They rape. They are ready for your presentation. Oh, fantastic. Good luck sweetheart. Thank you ma'am! Nice to meet you. (navigator) Exit highway in .5 miles. What are you doing Mom? Please, turn that off. Mom, get off the freeway! Like that? You know, I think I going to drive from now on. Good idea. Do you have any rooms available? One for you and your lady? My lady? Look, they have clip on frog earrings. Aww, dude, don't wink at me. That's my mother. Are you insane? (mom) Look, there's a restaurant. Does that say topes? I love topess. That's not what it says, Ma. Please don't sit near me. When you were a baby, your penis started to turn purple. I almost threw up all over the table. You'd tell me if your penis started to turn purple again. My penis could literally grow an eyeball, and I wouldn't tell you. Hi. (waitress) If you can eat our 16 ounce steak in under an hour, you get it for free. You know how I can eat. Is that your mom? I would not lie about that. This week didn't really go how I planned. (mom) I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. I know! How long are we supposed to look at it? 10 minutes? It would be disrespectful to look at it for any less. But who will know? Good point. (radio, man's voice) That's the last time I was ever their daughter. What a nice chapter. He's a beautiful writer. It's okay. I picked up a hitchhiker. Hi. (mom) I'll give you my number, and you give us a call when you're in town. (Andy) Yeah, you guys should probably keep in touch. [Captions by]

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