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Miért nem jó ötlet a 9 dolláros minimálbér

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Obama called for a $9 federal minimum wage in his State of the Union address. How did he come up with that number? Just an arbitrary number? A common libertarian response is: why $9? Why not $20, $50, $100? Supporters of the minimum wage may say: Because it is possible for somebody to have a good standard of living if they make under $100 an hour. Also, it'll be hard for somebody without experience to get hired for $100 an hour. A-ha! Any minimum wage, whether be $9 or $23 will prevent some people from getting a job. In this economy, you don't want to make it even harder for people to get jobs! Many studies have shown that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment, especially among teenagers. Let's say I'm a 15 or 16 year old teenager. And I want my first job, but this is my resumé. (Önéletrajz - öööö - korábbi munkahely: nincs) And I walk into a restaurant where I'm looking to get hired, and the boss says: Sorry kid, can't hire you. Looking for somebody with more experience. But I really want this job, please give me a chance! Wish I could. Can't afford to. Times are tough. I'll work for $7 an hour, will you please hire me? I would hire you for $7 an hour, but I legally can't. Federal law says I have to pay you at least $9 an hour, and state law puts another dollar on top of that. Let me get this straight. I want to work for $7 an hour, you want to hire me for $7 an hour. We have a deal! The government won't allow me to give you this job that you want. I would have given you $7 an hour, and maybe in a month or two I would've given you a raise if you were any good. So I'm unemployed because of the minimum wage. How can I gain experience if no one's going to hire me because I have no experience? How does this help me out? Thanks, Obama! Supporters of the minimum wage claim that it helps poor people, but in fact it actually hurts the uneducated and the unskilled. When the minimum wage increases, employers often have to fire employees, cut their hours, and raise their hiring standards in order to stay in business. People are not better off if they can't even get a job because of the minimum wage.

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Posted by: lelkes on Feb 19, 2013

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"Why a $9 Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea" -

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