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Why the Law of Karma did not Exist

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WHY THE LAW OF KARMA DID NOT EXIST Why the law of karma did not exist? It's a question from Lindsay So lets go and have a look at What we found The law of karma existed in a Way that was manipulated It was manipulated By those in the know That a observed Over a long period of time and they have found ways To sidestep karma and yet to have karma fulfilled Karma was simplistically A balancing act Of actions So Of consequence or if One go and you act Act in a particular way It's correction would be the opposite So there were some that were very clever But seeing themselves as ultimates and that saw themselves as Able to transform form In a ways that would benefit them This is from when comes the Ideas of turning Things into go and letting to go With all kinds of stuff The real point Actually was that They had the ability To mesmerize Other beings To pay or on their behalf For their karma So they would go and do the acts That they would like to do and then Place in their place somebody to Pay Their karmic debt back and eventually they Created our system like that and the best way to do that was to have a Library that you could have Full of all the files To see where you would require To do some karmic paybacks and they ended up calling that Akrasia record So that they have At a ready supply of "Beings" that they could Utilize So they live eternally in Without consequence without karma and can do "whatever" they want Which is the created gods While the rest end up Suffering endlessly As you see on earth For the elite live in luxury and what is fascinating is that There is such a mesmerization within this Such an hypnotic effect from it That even those that In their suffering ???? But The elite must have these all Just because "in the back of their mind" There is a little Little Light of hope That they "may" one day Also have all these Freedom Of no karma this Wealth This elitism This great reward To be free at the right hand of god They never have to pay again for anything if done Because somebody else is paying on your behalf Therefore There was always a need Of millions upon millions of souls Thus With soul purpose it is To suffer and pay back The karma Of the greatest gods Gods they could be free From the law of karma That's why we say Law of karma never exist Because it was abused But now No more It has been corrected Within Equality and oneness Karma Is fulfilled if you are Equal and one If you are not It will balance itself

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