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Pastor Dave, Zion Ev. Lutheran Torrance, CA 1-10-2010 Let us rise. (Audio difficulty) Text 1 Samuel 16:1-13 THE LORD SAID TO SAMUEL, "HOW LONG WILL YOU MOURN FOR SAUL, SINCE I HAVE REJECTED HIM AS KING OVER ISRAEL? FILL YOUR HORN WITH OIL AND BE ON YOUR WAY; I AM SENDING YOU TO JESSE OF BETHLEHEM. I HAVE CHOSEN ONE OF HIS SONS TO BE KING." BUT SAMUEL SAID, "HOW CAN I GO? SAUL WILL HEAR ABOUT IT AND KILL ME." THE LORD SAID, "TAKE A HEIFER WITH YOU AND SAY, 'I HAVE COME TO SACRIFICE TO THE LORD.' INVITE JESSE TO THE SACRIFICE, AND I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO. YOU ARE TO ANOINT FOR ME THE ONE I INDICATE." SAMUEL DID WHAT THE LORD SAID. WHEN HE ARRIVED AT BETHLEHEM, THE ELDERS OF THE TOWN TREMBLED WHEN THEY MET HIM. THEY ASKED, "DO YOU COME IN PEACE?" SAMUEL REPLIED, "YES, IN PEACE; I HAVE COME TO SACRIFICE TO THE LORD. CONSECRATE YOURSELVES AND COME TO THE SACRIFICE WITH ME." THEN HE CONSECRATED JESSE AND HIS SONS AND INVITED THEM TO THE SACRIFICE. WHEN THEY ARRIVED, SAMUEL SAW ELIAB AND THOUGHT, SURELY THE LORD'S ANOINTED STANDS HERE BEFORE THE LORD." BUT THE LORD SAID TO SAMUEL, "DO NOT CONSIDER HIS APPEARANCE OR HIS HEIGHT, FOR I HAVE REJECTED HIM. THE LORD DOES NOT LOOK AT THE THINGS MAN LOOKS AT. MAN LOOKS AT THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE, BUT THE LORD LOOKS AT THE HEART." THEN JESSE CALLED ABINADAB AND HAD HIM PASS IN FRONT OF SAMUEL. BUT SAMUEL SAID, THE LORD HAS NOT CHOSEN THIS ONE EITHER." JESSE THEN HAD SHAMMAH PASS BY, BUT SAMUEL SAID, "NOR HAS THE LORD CHOSEN THIS ONE." JESSE HAD SEVEN OF HIS SONS PASS BEFORE SAMUEL, BUT SAMUEL SAID TO HIM, "THE LORD HAS NOT CHOSEN THESE." SO HE ASKED JESSE, "ARE THESE ALL THE SONS YOU HAVE?" "THERE IS STILL THE YOUNGEST," JESSE ANSWERED, "BUT HE IS TENDING THE SHEEP." SAMUEL SAID, "SEND FOR HIM; WE WILL NOT SIT DOWN UNTIL HE ARRIVES." SO HE SENT AND HAD HIM BROUGHT IN. HE WAS RUDDY, WITH A FINE APPEARANCE AND HANDSOME FEATURES. THEN THE LORD SAID, "RISE AND ANOINT HIM; HE IS THE ONE." SO SAMUEL TOOK THE HORN OF OIL AND ANOINTED HIM IN THE PRESENCE OF HIS BROTHERS, AND FROM THAT DAY ON THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD CAME UPON DAVID IN POWER. SAMUEL THEN WENT TO RAMAH. This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray: Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts, be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. (Text from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION.) Pastor Dave motions for the congregation to be seated. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God's people, have for all of their history wanted to be like the people that were around them. As the people of God, He had brought them together and separated them. Made them separate and distinct and unique. They were His children. But when those people looked around at the other nations, and the other peoples around them, they were envious of something. They wanted someone who could lead them. Someone they could see. Not a god who was detached from them. They wanted a king. They wanted to be like all of the other nations on the earth. And they went to God and they pleaded with Him: Give us a king! We want a king. So the LORD said: All right. I will give you what you want. And He selected for them: Saul ... to be their king. And then they realized, that they were going to be like every other nation on the face of the earth. Immediately they were happy. They were thrilled. They had a leader. They had a king. They rejoiced. They put all of their hope and strength in Him. And then Saul didn't do what they wanted. Then Saul was not being the king that they wanted him to be. And guess what? They became very disgruntled. They were very unhappy and then all of a sudden comes this young warrior. This young man who takes a stone and slays the biggest giant that was against them. And they loved him! They go after him. They sing wonderful songs of praise to him. They rejoice because David is the wonder child. He's the one that we want. He's the one that we like. And Saul went into a spiral of despair and jealousy and anger and suicidal behavior. And he beomes almost crazy, to the point that he hates David. It's NOT a good time to be living as God's children, let alone to be the prophet that God had sent to speak to God's people. But yet, that's where Samuel finds himself ... dealing with Saul, who is obsessed with getting rid of David, and God coming to him and saying: I have selected a new king and I want you to go and anoint him. And Samuel's immediate reaction was: I can't do that. If Saul finds out about this, the state of mind that he is in, this is not going to be good. Notice how God doesn't really argue with Samuel? Doesn't say: No. You're still going to do this. God just says: This is what you're going to do. You're going to take the heifer and you're going to go down and say: We're going to have a sacrifice and in the middle of that party, I'm going to show you who you are going to anoint as the next king. It will be someone from Jesse's family. So Samuel takes this heifer and off they go so that they can anoint the next king. Brings Jesse's family there, his seven sons ... they consecrate them ... they set them apart for this holy activity and the sons start parading themselves before Samuel. And the oldest son comes first and Samuel thinks in his head: This has GOT to be the one. Here stands before me, the LORD's anointed. This one has GOT to be it. And the LORD said to him: Absolutely not. I don't select things the way you people select things. I don't look at what's on the exterior and say: This is the one that I want. I don't judge things by appearances, I look at the heart. Because appearances can be deceiving. And it was not only the oldest son that was rejected, but the second son that was rejected and the third son that was rejected. And the fourth son that was rejected and the fifth son that was rejected and the sixth son that was rejected and the seventh son. All of them that were there were rejected. And Samuel finally had to say to Jesse: Don't you have any more? And Jesse said: Oh yeah ... there's the youngest one. He's out with his sheep. Samuel said: Go and get him. He said: We're not going to do anything ... We're not going to sit down and eat until he comes. And in comes David. Handsome, ruddy in appearance. But we know that's NOT what he was selected for. Because the LORD looks INSIDE, at the heart and it was God who picked that youngest son ... the most unlikely to be His anointed. And He had him anointed by Samuel with the oil to be the next king. That was a shadow of what was to come when God sent His Messiah, the heir to David's throne. The One who was going to reign on David's throne forever. He sent Christ into this world in the appearance of a man. And the outward appearance didn't mean a thing. People weren't attracted to Jesus because He was a stunningly handsome man. He wasn't selected for the way He looked. He was selected for Who He was ... the Son of God, who appeared in human flesh and yet ... was truly the Messiah of the world. The wise men came from afar to worship Him ... to bring him gifts, great gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh, to lay at His feet. Because He was the Lord's anointed ... the chosen One who was going to take care of people's greatest needs. That He would be greater than David himself was because He was going to be eternal and take care of people's sins. Because He goes right INTO THE HEART of every person, and there He finds a heart that is filled with sin and hatred for God and is dead to anything that is good. He is the One that is taking care of that sin with His death on the cross of Calvary. And it is our baptisms that unite us with Christ in that death. It is as if we had died with Him as well. And we are united with Him in the resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. So that we, too, will have eternal life. At Jesus' baptism, He was anointed by the Holy Spirit and with power to accomplish that will. Just as David was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power to do what God had asked of him. A difficult, a horrendous job, because for years, Saul would trace him down, track him, go after him ... to kill him! That he establishes himself as the King over Israel after Saul's death and Saul's family is upset with David, and comes after him. David, thinking that he was above reproach in his sin with Bathsheba, brought so much evil into his own life and his own family that his sons fought forever to the death over who was going to reign. Yet the Spirit of the LORD was on David, not because he was perfect, but because the LORD had chosen him to lead His people ... set him apart to do His work. It's the Spirit of the LORD that in David caused him to understand that. That he was NOT a perfect human being; but he was a HORRIBLE sinner, someone who needed God's forgiveness and went to God daily and REJOICED in the fact that he WAS forgiven. And was reminded of the blessings of God and reminded God's people of that: Put the worship of God first and foremost before God's children, to do what God had selected him to do. Just as God's own Son ... did the work that God the Father had selected for Him to do, which was EXTREMELY difficult. It was horrifyingly painful. Yet He did that work because it was what God had selected, chosen, and appointed Him to do to accomplish the salvation of all people. And we remind ourselves today that that ... same ... Spirit has come on us. And today is the day for us to realize that in our baptisms, we have been given power. Power enough to sit back and complain about everything that's not being done and who's not doing work and what we can't do. The time for all of us to stand up on our God-given Christian feet and say: This is what God called ME to do. God has given you the power of His Holy Spirit to do His work, to accomplish His will, to carry out His ministry. And THAT is a TREMENDOUS gift. And it is NOT going to be easy. We just need to get that out of our heads right away. It never WAS easy; it never WILL BE easy. It is always going to be difficult. Because we're not like the world and the world is going to make it a struggle. But look what God's people did when they wanted to be like the world God gave them to it. And they hated it. We're to fight with the power and the strength of our baptism each and every day. To get up and say once again: I'm not a perfect person. I'm a horrible, terrible miserable sinner but God loves me and He has forgiven me once again today. And today I wake up and say: I CAN bless His Name. I can praise Him. I WILL do His work. I WILL carry out His ministry in my life as a husband ... as a wife as a parent ... as a child. As someone who goes to work and carries out their God-given work. I will proclaim Christ through my congregation. I will be here active in worship. I will be here actively seeking to support the ministry that goes on here because God has called me to do it. He has given us all unique and varied gifts for the ministry of the Word in this building. So that others may know that Jesus Christ is the Lord's anointed. So that children may be instructed and taught that their sins are forgiven. That we, as adults, can struggle together through the difficulties of this life knowing that our eternal life is secure. We will be free ... free from all of the sin and corruption that is here. We are the Lord's anointed. Anointed in our baptisms with the power of the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. That same Spirit and Word that came to David; that came to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ... has been poured out on us generously. We see the LORD's anointed. All we have to do is look around at each other and see God's power at work. His Word alive in people's lives. And we support that work. We encourage that work. Together we do that work. As we're reminded by the prophet Isaiah: So those blessings of God will go to the ends of the earth and all people will know that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of all. God's beloved Son, His Holy and anointed One. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives, in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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This message explains what it means to be the LORD's anointed, chosen by God, with the Spirit's power. To contact Pastor Dave:

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