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With permission of the Zafiros and all due respect This beautiful Habana also has other secrets Those which do not appear in any tourist center because the image of this beautiful place must be maintained Oh my Habana, to the outsider it's easy. Where almost all the passing cars are taxis My touristic city, settled by educated people, that connects to the internet at the speed of dial up Oh Habana, I don't know if your pier is a place to pass the time or an extensive office of immigration Your walkways, hotels and secret brothels for cheating husbands are adorable You traded Che Guevara for money and now you can buy a naked picture of him The Habana of college students and rough police that by a miracle made it through preschool but just be a hair The Habana of exterminated humans and the Cuban that will step on his fellow Cuban for foreign currency Where they lend a hand only when they assume that later they will be paid double for their good deeds Habana of brick roads, movie theaters, bicycles, fairs, dispensed agriculture, pipes, train whistles, Hysteria in Cerro, Marinao, Luyano, Buena Vista and other humble neighborhoods that you don't see in magazines Bars, solar panels, parks, dog collars, Santeros that for one euro fall down to Saint Peter The capital where we learned from a young age The offspring that will end up corrupt prostitutes Habana of politicians, male sex workers and whores Because only selling yourself can you enjoy a soda stop signs, discussions, friends to go out with People who without permission get in people's business That's my Habana human, solidarity, and Communist with European convictions we're ready for war I don't know if it's the capital for all Cubans because the people from Guinea are immigrants, the Chileans a brother Habana revolutionary and loyal with tuna in it's stores and lotion in it's markets Where there is patriotism but if they open up the port only a Chinese man and his brother will remain Habana where from birth you get a free education vaccinations, parks, theaters, beaches, transportation, and incredible agility to ask for gum from tourists Habana of cabaret, nightclubs, open bars, tobacco, bicycle taxis, beans, judges and cells parties, dead good intentions and bureaucrats addicted to closing the door on those who cry on the 31st of December and don't let the three wise men in It's illogical and sad at the same time man because they are the ones that march every May 1st My Habana is a little girl that wakes up euphoric and goes out into the middle of a psychological war that covers and resolves every error saying not to complain that it's worse in Africa historic beauty surrounded by water while the whole world skis she runs behind the bus It's the only place on earth that gets food with a ration book Habana of poets Where 14 year olds are already sexually active Where on the first date they don't ask for your hand because another hand asks for money when they visit beautiful mulattoes, victims of consumerism They gave their youth to tourism When asked about their fantasies they respond to get on an airplane and not bribe anymore police Habana divided, mickey, retro, crazy that feels hated for the laws that they post on the podium enemy of imperialism and exploitation that pays in pesos and charges in dollars take this song Habana, not pretty but sincere By a Habanero that wants to see you happy because even though the leaders made you look nice, I know that you heart is slowly deteriorating I was born in Habana, I am a Habanero

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