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Is there a plan for a New World Order, a one world government, and how do we stop it? Well, I think even our first president Bush said, that the New World Order was in tune and that is what they were working for. The UN is part of that government. They are working right now very significantly for the North American Union. That is why there is a lot of people in Washington, who don't care about our borders. They have a philosophical belief, that national sovereignty is not important. It is also the reason, I have made very strong suggestion, that we need not be in the United Nations for our national security. What do you think about our borders and the immigration policy? Our borders have been totally neglected. We worry more about the borders between North and South Korea and between Irak and Syria, than we do about our own. Just recently a bunch of our border guards were picked up and sent in their tights to go over to Irak. It is insane. I mean we should have more border guards and the only way you can afford it and get the personnel is: Bring our troops home. We'are bottoms up. We don't even have the money to fund this world empire that we operate under. We have to borrow almost three billion dollars a day just to pay for the war and our extravagance. And we borrow it from non other than China and Japan. I mean we don't even have enough wealth produced in this country to finance the amount of spending that we have. You know we will come to an end and I think most Americans realize it. Middle class Americans and poor Americans have already suffered the consequences. Their standard of living has already started down. Those who are doing well, know deep down their heart, they are doing it on borrowed money. And that is going to come out to the end. It is also the reason I am emphasizing the importance of sound money. If you allow governments - anytime throughout all of history - to print money, they always print too much and they destroy economy. Our dollar is worth four cents of what it was when Federal Reserve was created. translated by

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Ron Paul - candidate for prezident in USA talks about New World order

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