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The British Museum is falling down

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Hello, my name is Rosa MÂȘ, and I'm going to talk about this book, the author is David Lodge. David Lodge is an English author born in 1935. He was brought up Catholic, and he describes himself as an agnostic Catholic. Catholicism is a major theme in his books. But he addresses this subject with irony and sarcasm. The book I read is The British Museum is falling down, and it's a comic novel, which recounts a day in the life of a young Catholic couple. The main trouble they have to struggle with is their fertility, because Catholic Church doesn't allow them to use contraceptives. Well, I'm going to sum it up. Adam Appleby wakes up on a November morning with a lot of troubles in his mind. He is 25 years old and he's not working because he's preparing a thesis about English literature. And ... he's married and has three small children. Today he's very worried because his wife, Barbara, is probably pregnant because her period is three days overdue. He goes to the library with this trouble in his mind. He is preparing his thesis in the British Museum. There, he has a lot of adventures. You have to read the book if you want to see what happens. Well, I didn't like very much the book because I don't like comic stories, I like comic films or comic TV programmes, I don't like it. On the other hand, I see absurd the idea of ... the main problem of the characters. I see it absurd, because if you don't want to have more children, use a contraceptive. Who cares what the Pope says? But in some way, I agree with the author that Catholicism should change its policy about birth control. That's OK!

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Rosa, alumna de la EOI de Luarca en Asturias, nos recomienda esta lectura del autor David Lodge.

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