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C9L4: Owning the Game

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Effortlessly and playing effortlessly and learning how to use your mind and translate how you think to how you actually execute playing you know all those things are part of our approach that we feel can revolutionize how coaches approach their players its really. We feel its pretty ugly what we see out there and we would love to inspire a new generation of coaches to move a lot deeper into area's that you just can't you gotta expect more than one in a billion to produce this kind of talent. We just want to see the clubs of America become asthetic classic you know classic beautiful strokes happening out there. Not this mentality where everyone just wants to squeak out a win however they have to do it. Paul and I talk a lot about the idea of owning the game as opposed to memorizing the game. What most coaches do today is they just grind enough of their players out there. Hopefully its like a funnel system put enough in so maybe one drop will squeak out. Even that one drop is a memorization thing. Ok lets work on a high forehand winner now I want you to come in and flatten it out. Now do do it again and again its not really like understanding the game in its entirety. Its not owning the game its just a series of rout repetition that we talk about a lot and drills to try and memorize each shot in the game. You know what each match is like a snow flake things that are completely unexpected that you did in the match before come up. Just practicing one continuous shot over and over when you might get wrong footed on the same shot. You know its not quite the same as setting up so many things happen, the wind kicks up, bad bounces that we feel its much more important to own the game. Than to ingrain a few shots in you and hope to pick those shots up in a match. You should get so many of these backhand down the line, so lets work on your backhand down the line. Its more a matter of owning the entire game really knowing what you need to do at a moments notice. Change your mind if you have to always have two shots on your racket. Which is why the 45 is always so important. We talked a lot about the idea of perfection when you have a stroke that you know there is an ideal way of playing meaning a perfect way of playing and you don't have to figure out that way every time. You don't have to wonder if your luck is in place, if you will is exerting it self strong enough. If your coach has to yell at you to try harder and these types of things. The idea of perfection really implies that your system like a computer works perfectly there isn't really any problem. Then you don't worry at the end of the day how you were and you don't bring it off the court. You really get the beneficial aspects because knowing there is a perfect way to play then you work on the style of producing that perfection. Then by honing in on your skills you just develop all these aspects simultaneously but in todays non linear teaching style you are not really learning this perfection, linear you are leaning there is a certain jock mentality either you have it or you don't. If you are caught in the back of the line and everyone is passing you up you are just not talented. You will never be talented and we just don't believe that. We have proved it to ourselves over a decades now that we can produce good players out of musicians, artists almost easier than people we have to re - teach because we have to break them of habits. Most kids don't want to break habits because they are very attached to whatever they do. You have to break people of what they think is perfection even though they don't even know what they are talking about and consider something they can invest their time and energy. Realize they can actually learn how to play without all this emotional baggage. Some of my greatest experiences coaching have not been winning gold balls in Miami or Texas, Fort Worth all these places , the Easter Bowl, the Orange Bowl its really the players I have worked with that every body else discarded. You know the over weight kid that is really smart in school doesn't do very well in the sports world. Those have been my pride and joy as well almost more because you change their life. Lets face it the great players they are usually going to evolve anyway. Whether they find us or not they will be on some level. Is Steve going to be #1 in the country like when we had him not necessarily. He would be in the top 50 probably just because he has a couple of good things he can do. Most great players like Nadal and Federer they find themselves. They never took a lot of lessons they just worked hard and they were the special athlete. Its these kids you change their lives and there are limitless out there. People that really want to have self esteem and play something in a fashion that is esthetically pleasing game, maybe have a chance to make their high school team. Its these people you really change their lives. Thats were getting to live into something like we have is so important.

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