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150 years ago, the business corporation was a relatively insignificant institution. Today, it is all pervasive. Like the Church, the Monarchy, and the Communist Party in other times and places. The corporation is today's dominant institution. This documentary examines the nature, evolution, impacts, and possible futures of the modern business corporation. Initially given a narrow legal mandate, what has allowed today's corporation to achieve such an extraordinary power and influence over our lives? We begin our inquiry as scandals threaten to trigger a wide debate about the lack of public control over big corporations. But I do think there is an overhang, over the market, of distrust, Listen, 95 percent or some percentage, a huge percentage of the business community are honest, and reveal all their assets, and have got compensation programs that are balanced. But there are some bad apples. The media debate about the bussines corporating priciples of the corporate world was quickly reduced to game to follow the leader The US is the greatest place to invest. We have some shakeups that are going on because of a few bad apples. Some people called me a bad apple. but I may be bruised but I still taste sweet. Some people called me a bad apple. But I'm maybe the sweetest apple on the tree. This are not just a bunch of bad apples. This is just a few bad apples.'s not just a few bad apples... We have to get rid of the bad apples... you can start with Tyco. We know all about Worldcom... ...Xerox corporation... ...Arthur Anderson... ...Enron obvisiously... The fruit cart is getting a little more full. I don't think there's just a few bad apples. I think those is the worst crisis of confidence and of business... What's wrong with this picture? Can't we pick a better metaphor to describe the dominant institution of our time. Through the voices of CEO's, whistleblowers, brokers, gurus and spies, insiders and outsiders represent the corporation as a paradox. An institution that creates much wealth. but produces enourmos and often hidden harms. I say that a corporation is part of a jigsaw in society as a whole. If you remove it, the picture is incomplete. But equally if it's only a part, it's not going to work. A sports team; Some of us are blocking and tackling. Some of us are running the ball, some of us are throwing the ball. But we all have a common purpose, which is to succeed as an organization. A corporations is like a family unit. People in a corporation work together for a common end. Like the telephone system; it reaches almost everywhere. It's extraordinarily powerful it's pretty hard to avoid. And it transforms the lives of people. I think on balance for the better. The eagle soaring clear eyed competitive prepared to strike but not a vulture. Noble visionary majestic that people can believe in and be inspired by that creates such a lift that it soars. I can see that being a good logo for the principled company. Okay guys, enough bullshit! Corporations are artificial creations. You might say they're monsters; trying to devour as much profit as possible. at anyone's expense. I think of a whale, a gentle big fish. which could swallow you in an instant. Dr. Frankenstein's creation has overwhelmed and overpowered him. As the corporate form has done with us. The word corporate gets attached in almost you know in a pejorative sense to and gets married with the word agenda. And one hears a lot about the corporate agenda as though it is evil which is trying to take over the world. Personally l don't use the word "corporation". I use the word business. will use the word... use the word... company. I will use the words business community. cause I think that is a much fairer representation than zeroing in on just this word corporation. What is a corporation? It's funny that I've taught in a business school, for as long as I have without ever having been asked so, pointedly to say, what I think a corporation is. It is one form of business ownership. It's a group of individuals working together to serve a variety of objectives. The principal one of which is earning large, growing, sustained, legal returns. for the people who own the business.

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The Corporation is today's dominant institution, creating great wealth but also great harm. This 26 award-winning documentary examines the nature, evolution, impacts and future of the modern business corporation and the increasing role it plays in society and our everyday lives.

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