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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:31:04 - 17:46:04

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Each of us will play one more time. Hey, I didn't see that I killed him at all. Senya, I'm sick of her. ― Hit it hard! ― Yeah, hard. Shall I not hit hard? ― Misha, just leave it. ― Oops, out. And, after the first goal, how.. Goal! Good job. Yeah well done! He nearly killed Misha. Almost killed. And I'm going farther. ― How? How else? How else? ― Oh no. ― Wrong shot. ― I didn't realise how I hit. Like this! Vasya, that's all because of your silly... Good job, Ilyas! And there, yeah... I'm laughing out loud! ... ― What? Are you sick? ― I'm asking you if you know what I said? ― What? ― Kittens... are bad. ― Goal! ― Where are you shooting? ― It's uncomfortable to sit here. ― Uncomfortable... Let's stand up and play! No mega strikes. Passing the ball to Roma. Can't fight it off. ― You know what I did? ― Well done. ― Go, go and do your job. Oh, good job! Thanks to all of you. Oops, holy crap! OK, it's fine, fine. ― I'll play. ― Hey, shut up! You won again, for the second time. You won't whitewash me. ― Ilyas, who is serving? ― You. So wait till you also get a chance... Serve the ball! ― Wow! Yay! Is that nil? ― 1:1. Sasha and Lionya won't play anymore. Do you hear me? Do you hear me, silly? hey? Oops, that's not OK! What? Wow! Good job, Ilyas! You're a bonehead! Say goodbye to your disk. Very good, Ilyas, here's the last goal for you. Do you need this disk? It's working. Isn't it? But will it work with you? ― Very good! If it works you'll give me a gum, OK? ― Oops! ― A noogie! ― Fine, a noogie for each. When will we get our gum? Go back to sleep, pretty boy. ― Do it. ― Are you sick or what? ― Zhanna,do it. Shut up. ― Good job,good player. ― It's my seat! ― Here, Ilyas, here is a vacant chair. ― But I want to sit there. ― Right, Ilyas, but you left, so now he's sitting there. ― I want to sit there. ― No way, Ilyas! Come on, get out of my seat! Now! You'd better follow the game, Ilyaz. Watch us. Come on, get up! Or I'll do something to you! ― Really? ― 1:1. ―Yes! 1:1. ― See, Zhanna, 2:1 already. Oops, 2:2. ― 2:2. Wow! 3:2. ― 3:2. Here. ― Wow! I won! 4:2, 4:2, 4:2. ― Good girl. ― What? Her serves are my serves. You'll be the first one to serve, Zhanna. ― Your serves, Zhanna. ― Yes, my serves. My serve, my serves. Zhanna, hit the ball! Stop yelling, Ilyas. Who did you hit? I didn't know, I didn't know that you were standing there. I hit you by accident. ― La la la, good job! ― Its my, your serve now. ― My serve, Zhanna. My, your serves are mine. Just do it. You got no brains. You lost your brain. ― No, you lost your brain. ― Great job, Zhanna. -2, 1:1. ― Amazing shot! ― Hey, Ilyas, Ilyas, Ilyas! Come on, come on, don't stop. ― I'll hit it super-hard! ― Ouch, Zhanna! ― Oops, it's 40:30 and I've still got that last shot to make. ― Yep, a super-shoot. Can you? Will you? ― Hello. ― Zhanna! ― Haha, Ilyas. ― Hey you! ― Ilyas, stop yelling! ― Zhanna, don't you start fighting! ― The next serve is mine. ― Oh, holy crap! ― Holy crap! ― Oh, Zhanna. ― Zhanna, hit it first! Zhanna, hit the ball! ― I don't know how. ― I want to... ― Just stand still. ― Step aside, Ilyas, I can't see anything. ― I'll keep distracting you like this and Zhanna will lose. ― I bet you I won't lose. ― It is something like. ― It's green, I see. ― Like this! ― Me! ― Now it's Roma's turn to play. ― I'll let Roma play. What did you come for? You mustn't look at the camera, understand? ― We are not looking. ― Just relax, be yourself, live as you always do. ― Who's the last to play? I am! ― Zhanna, now Roma will play and then we will. ― I'm next! You'll play in the second round. I'll play after Roma. Ilyas plays after Roma, then Zhanna, then Andrei, see? Ilyaz, could you take the batteries out of the charging device? ― I was told to do that, not you. ― I wanted to take the batteries first. ― Listen, Ilyas. ― I won't disturb you. ― Neither will I. ― Hit it, Andrey and Roma! Do it, Roma! ― They keep disturbing me! ― Just hit and that's it. ― Here, Roma! Can you see it now? Here. ― Look here, you can see it now, can't you? So hit it. ― OK. ― Ilyas, Zhanna, will you guys just sit down? ― Hit it. ― Excuse me? ― Try and hit. Zhanna, come with me. Hit Zhanna. ― It was a goal! Roma has curly hair. Hit it once again, Roma. ― You don't have to do it. ― Can you hear the song? ― Yes. Who gave it to you? ― Mamed. Do you like it? Why so sad? Always keep smiling, OK? ― You said they keep disturbing you, you said you won't do it, I don't get you. ― But I'm still there. ― You are not playing again, they don't let you? ― Yes, they do. ― I'm playing now after Ilyas. ― OK, I'd better go. ― Oh my God, look at your serves! OK, let Ilyas play. ― Much better now. ― Than what? ― Just this one. ― Hey, take your hand away. ― Take it away! ― How awful! Go Ilyaz! ― Hold on a second. ― That's it, enough. ― Let me have a look. ― He'll have a look. ― Loser. ― What did you do? ― Stop that. ― Never do it again. ― Oops Roma, 369. ― And how much does Vasya have? ― 50 dollars. Too little. ― Step aside, Roma. ― No, I won't. ― Step aside. ― Leave, that's my place. ― You should give places to girls. ― Leave my place! I'm here... Ouch! ― Don't start fighting. ― Leave my place! ― Ouch, Vasya! ― I told you, don't start fighting. ― I'll tell you what, you're not playing anymore. ―Yes, I am! I will play! ― If you keep fighting, you won't play, I'm telling you. ― What? ― E, 15 at once, why Ilyas? ― I think, just a part of it. There are nets there, see. ― My serves, my serves. ― I knew you would say that. Why? ― If you hit it this way you'll never score, sweetie. ― Stop that. ― Why do you keep hitting that way? Listen to me, don't do that! ― Where then? ― Right there, watch me. ― I'm after Zhanna, and then.... ― Then is Andrei. ― But I always go after you, everyday. I'll play after you, Andrei will play after Ilyas, I always play after you. ― Little ones play after little ones, big ones after big ones. ― I'm not little! ― Your mistake. ― I know. ― You missed the shot... ― Did they leave you out? ― Yes, the points... Ilyas, don't get disappointed in the first place, keep playing. ― I know. ― See, I was a shooting player as well. You say I shouldn't shoot that way, but look where you're shooting... My player even started to jump! Ouch, yes I'm shooting right this way. ― Vasya, what are you doing? ― I'm beating you now. ― I'll let Andrei play after me. ― Me! ― You'll play as much as you like later. Little ones after little ones, big ones after big ones. ― I'm not...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 140
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 11, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 17:30-17:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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