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Exposed: Persuaders

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we didn't realize it every day we have almost one of the fifteen hundred of the designed to manipulate all behavior we're going to get more people into the modern world we need for most of the art of persuasion or sell in this program that you will find out what music makes us sentinel Clinton in national polls and misses Clinton in the just can't control of mine for themselves don't they some people who get sick bill without anesthetic and feel nothing but there is a huge taxes stages subliminal trickery will be used for the witness stand the teachers to be more persuasive the first round throughout the trial and for this reason not a fact Bob dole I don't think but on it no persuasion is limited to a handful of world leaders we'll do a with some of it's a better than others let's see a skilled operator in action this privilege is the bill average sales he's one of the best experts in persuading people two points hope but the range collectible car I understand you're interested in buying I think that for all right so there is some of the top techniques a stunning moses jury from the horse's mouth most important voting also still process managing the poll police good communication central when you try to sell something serb forces have the next most important thing is to find out what the customer likes what they dislike funny is that point on it so it's something that is really incredible plus you know the cost of money really considered a creation of a warrant for designer always trying to sell them and that's what about any more the reasons why the just got to have backup the higher the policy the product the easier it is to sell this setting some israelis this is this isn't it ought to let states has tried to the end of the process is one of the calls really recall of what the customer is the beginning and that's a strike often does my job for me these are some of the techniques of stock salesmen uses distilled two hundred fifty friends with of months ago the demise of what the front of us these are universal techniques will use the most politicized and the question is a lot why they think that needs a complete different environment one of them on the tree festival in sources to show you that I can persuade people to buy something that's considerably cheaper than a ferrari problems yes okay however I can I can apply in most of chris' his sales technique said but I'm also going to use another classic persuasion techniques to help sell the bubble products find out what their their likes and dislikes until the full and then and then let me get in here settle it but all of the things they can buy random almost opponents actions flash that's a once part of the monastery threatens thinking than the only way enjoyment that the festival does congress this Mike hanna it provides the only thing the building some kind of reform but what potential customers and by giving them a dozen a test drive well I understand that pretty cool their attention exceptional back home to move into the school and the full production I think you're going on it's about but I think that I have a great time first of all people good to be back how only the that right about of lawyers you have to get this well I if I know the family customers I can tell you that my ticket today individual takes budget well we hope that he had seven she was told him his post I don't think it is once upon a this to you it's just fine thank you very much the thank you very much I'm offering cash discounts because it is vital to pleased that they don't talk this is the secret to be people's thirty six you just don't trust them it yeah I'm also offering customers free refills of bubble solution this is done by experts as reciprocity finding something for you to free thing you should do something from a like by something else it's actually a full of emotional blackmail this whole slew of other states thank you very much thank you very much and this is a mission that not right okay no sir although I try to influence discussed in fact fighting for the contract a binary her body language she doesn't win I lose the sale yes yeah so I now know how to use some of the techniques of persuasion and I've had a pretty successful tank but there is always room for improvement there is one almost unbelievably simple technique that for the skin years we sending an accident of busy grosses an austin to jump the queue he's going to try different techniques to persuade people to let him go in front of them first the push is in without giving a reason excuse me can I finish on the because of his next he pushes a the gifts of plausible reason for an even to the voters okay Susan of some on this this time he's America's to Q-TIP it and finally he pushes him it gives a really faithful reason it's wonderful to have you and yet he still succeeds yes nine out of ten people thought what they've wanted for offering some kind of reason no matter how ridiculous I frankly think that so it seems we can easily persuade people to do things just like offering them some kind of reasons we all know the adage it's not what you say about how he cited pounds and the voice is one of the most powerful tools in the socialists raising children but what intonation and kisses and hugs and its course in Lebanon said and their associations are completely different hold and I put together a very unscientific experiment we have three distinct attacks the scotsman they did President Clinton all right I'm a long-time up the question is which one of these just waiting to buy something the cold hold him well the right discussed are have to go for like the event and stop

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Posted by: aprilseason on Dec 22, 2010

I'm psychology student and this video is very good documentary for students.

The subtitle is generated by google machine. There're many errors in it. Please help me to correct it. Thank you very much.

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