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V1 Sirena and LeeAnn

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Sirena's husband actually is my second cousin and his grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. I was her happy host for the longest time. I liked earning free Tupperware and helping her with her business. And one day she comes to drop off a sample to my house and my husband decides Tupperware was something he wanted to give a try. And his wife was going to do it. The day that I qualified for Director was the day she really signed up. She came into this business so shy and timid and I recall her always like, "I can't stand up in front of them, I can't do this" and oh yes you can! You can do it! She drove my business, she helped me. She built me, she helped me see my potential. She had that love for the business, she had that passion. Just building this young team. All the sudden, just like flowers, all the directors started popping up. We never thought that our business would be this huge. I just came in for free Tupperware. [laughing] You know and here I am, I own a company now, it's amazing. She helped me become the leader I am today. She gave me enough confidence to step off our little island. LeeAnn is in Guam, I'm in Tucson, but we still have that line of communication. She's who I run to. She's always been somebody I can talk to and say, "Well, you know..." throw my ideas at and she gives me feedback. And so we work really well together. And so for her to become a Business Leader is now we're Business Leaders side by side. I owe it all to LeeAnn because she's led me to know what Tupperware is all about. And now I'm confident enough to turn around and lead my team in Tucson. And now you're walking by somebody's side as well. And you're helping them grow, and you're helping them dream and build their dream, it's amazing. The distance between us is nothing compared to what we've built together, you know, the relationship we have. One never knows... what one can do for someone. You have blessed me. [emotion filled voice] I'm doing it because of you. You believed in me and you helped me get to where I am. I'm so proud of you! I'm so thankful for you. I love you.

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V1 Sirena and LeeAnn

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