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Secuencia 01

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Yes, I've done teatral classes to chinese people we did it in spanish and as I've studied a little bit of chinese, I used chinese too I was teaching young children theatre in english, it was just one course Yes, I have. English and italian Well, they had already known it I've used it doing what I could to fix them I always used at the beginning in catalan and then, when they really know what they are saying, we make the translation I give them the translation so they know what's the purpose of the sentence, what's everything, so it's a little bit easier for them to find the meaning of what they are saying Using theatrical skills and doing theatral plays Yes, it's complicated. Because they were trying to learn catalan through theatre we communicated half in catalan half in spanish and half in chinese because I know a little bit and with this, we were doing They tried to understand all what I explained in spanish, when they didn't get it I said something in chinese and they translated between them It was awful because they were really young children so, it was really difficult They wanted to do theatre, but not thatre in english so it was a mess Well, not much but a little I mean, as learning in english I have my difficulties, I have fluency and some sort of accuricy but sometimes I make some mistakes Well, they were punctual classes They took a course of six months I took a few classes It took the hole school year and at the end they just I think they had a couple of sentences each one so, it was little gain for all the efford If we are rehearsing a play, it can take over two or three months, but if it's only an intervention, it can take one week or something like that I've acted using italian and arabic Yes, I was doing an erasmus in England so, I had to act, did a show in english I'v acted two years doing shows in english in an english company I didn't learn it really if you make me speak italian or arabic I won't be able to, I learned a script phonetically with a person who spoke that idiom who was telling me how everything was pronounced, he recorded it in a recorded, I listened it at home, also I had it transcribed and I was learning By try to watch films in english, and watch everything I can in the original language and when I was there, the real challenge was to speak it, not just hear it or understand it, just speak it I began when I was 12 years old because one of my aunts decided to to tell my parents that their son should learn a different language, english in that case Really complicated because doing theatre have to express things and when you say a text, you have to say it knowing what you say, why you say it, and giving it an intention Yes, but not as much as I imagine because the only thing you need is to lose the fear that we have to use it Well, it was annoying for me because I should go to the lessons when I was 12 years old and the lessons where on saturdays afternoon It were a quickly trials, we were three months rehearsing, but I was a month before studying those texts so when we start rehearsing I knew them well Yes, I was very lucky because the director of the show was really conscious of the difficulty of what we were doing All my life, I think

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Secuencia 01

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