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Hello everyone, welcome! This is our first series of interviews that we are doing that is tentatively called Bridging Beijing. This interview is being conducted in advance of the exhibition A Composite Leviathan curated by James Elaine that features artworks from artists in Beijing and Shanghai. My name is Cara Lewis. I’m one of the directors of Bridge Projects, a gallery in Los Angeles. And I am joining today by Clover Zhou, and I’m gonna read her Bio. Clover is an art critic, art theologian, and visual artist. She is a longtime writer for ArtForum China and she has published hundreds of articles in Chinese art journals such as The Art Newspaper China, The Art World, Randian, and Vision. She has been a curatorial assistant on A Composite Leviathan and wrote an essay for the coming catalog. She is going to introduce Wu Di one of the artist in A Composite Leviathan and I will turn it over to her now. Hi everyone. It’s really my honor to be here to have this conversation with Wu Di and Cara. Wu Di is a Chinese artist who lives and works in Beijing. I've known her since 2013. She’s really one of my most memorable artists in my career as an art writer. Just a brief introduction of her background: She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing majoring in mural painting. She had her first solo exhibition in 2009 in Beijing. So far she has had three solo exhibitions in different galleries. Wu Di has trained in Classical drawing and painting since she was pretty young. Even now, imagery from classical Western paintings provide the starting points for her work. In recent years, she has been carefully stripping away any overt figuration or narrative through processes of spontaneous addition and subtraction. These abstracted, gestural paintings are characterized by a bold use of chiaroscuro, the luminous light and rich shadows of which recall religious icons and old master paintings. And now I’m gonna start sharing my screen and Wu Di is gonna join us to guide through her artworks in the past twelve years. Can you see this well? Yes, yes. So I picked three (sections of) her major solo exhibition works. These are just like 1/10 of her art making processes. We have very limited images. But these are the examples.

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Bridging Beijing_Wu Di_Done (1)

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