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Stakeholder Exercise (Source)

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Bill: So this is Point Rustic, okay? Woman: This is a Superfund site that wants to be redeveloped So, there's a carpenter's union, and then another group that's "Jobs with Justice" that's concerned about the safety of the workers. So we would need to have a separate meeting for them and the win for them would be safe jobs. They do want the jobs, they want to be safe. And then another separate meeting we need to have is with the city engineers and public works folks. The win for them is no undue burden on the existing city services. So there's no extra money, so we got to learn or do what we need to do within the existing budget. We could potentially increase our tax revenue as a result of this project. And we could access a $10 million bond that's been established. So, those would be the wins and they would be more involved with the special meeting at the technical review stage. Bill: They like that $10 million bond part, don't they? Presenter: Mmhmm. And then the health departments, in the same way, would be a separate meeting for the technical review. With them, the wins would be decreased debts and cancer rates as a result of the cleanup efforts. Bill: Mhmm Presenter: And then improved health via walkability and increased walkability. Bill: Really nice putting the public health in And you know, I know we ceded that kind of but public health is... our book, our new book, by the way. A big component, a new component of it is the public health component. And everybody is excited about this connection between public health and planning that's been developing over the recent years and so it's good to see and they would be very happy. Are public health people in the room? No. I have them in my courses occasionally. And they're always saying "please, tell the planners to include us in their projects. You know, we're really important."

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Stakeholder Exercise (Source)

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