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RAV BERG SHMINI - 1987 Now, what does Kosher mean? What does Kosher mean? If you have taken the beginners course in the Machon = Kabbalah Centre you already know that Kosher does not mean something you are permitted to eat if it is not Kosher you are not permitted to eat. That is not what Kosher means. What it does mean in effect when we discuss an animal as being Kosher we are discussing an animal which has two, split hoof and it also chews its cud. And so The Zohar explains what does that mean? It means it contains the energy force of an atom. It contains three parts it contains right and left, therefore the split of, and it also contains the 'Segol' the third restriction the aspect of restriction, what does it mean? it chews his cud. But the animal eats and then returns it not like man who takes it in devoured it there is only one other place where it goes out, but, as opposed to an animal like a 'Shor' = Bull, that eats and also immediately rejects the food and then chews it again and nourishes from that food. That is called the 'Segol'. That is called the 'Segol'. The three energy points you know, the 'Segol' in Hebrew, the vowel 'Segol' two dots and the middle, which represents the power that we know to be the atom, proton, neutron, and electron. That is what Kosher means. It means that if you eat that kind of an animal you are eating an animal that has a circuitry of energy. Not a short circuit of energy but a circuitry of energy because it has the three energy intelligences like in an atom which consists of the three energy inteligences so does this animal called 'Shor' contains this kind of energy intelligence.

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