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Oral presentation

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Hello my name is Marta and I'm going to talk about Collserola Tower. Norman Foster is a british architect. He was born on 1st of June of 1935. He has designed Terminal building at London Stansted Airport and more. Collserola Tower is a uniquely designed tower on the Tibidabo hill and built in 1991. It was designed by Norman Foster. It's made of concrete and surrounded by stainless steel. The total weight of the tower is 3.000 tons. And that's all. Hello my name is Christofer . I'm going to present Blue Museum . This is description . This is a modern museum . It is situated of Ernest Lluch and Martí square in Barcelona . It was designed by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron . It was opened in 2004 . Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron were born in 1950, Basel, Switzerland . Both studied at the School of Architecture . They have also designed the building Allianz Arena in Munich (Germany) and Beijing National Stadium in Beijing (China). They have been Awarded the Pritzker Prize . That's all . Hello, my name is Stalin i'm go to present Hotel Me Dominique Perrault Dominique Perrault is a French architect He was born on the Clermont-Ferrand, Auvernia in 1953 He has designed building hotel me in Spain,national library in French Centro Olímpico de Tenis in Madrid... Biblioteca François Mitterrand, in París. Velódromo y piscinas olímpicas in Berlín It is made of aluminum concrete, iron and glass. It is located at Carrer Pere IV, 272 That is all. Hi my name is Carol and I'm going to talk about Agbar Tower. The Agbar tower is a skyscraper. It is the seat of the Barcelona water company. It is made of concrete, aluminium and glass. It is located between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. Jean Nouvel is a French Architect. He was born on the 12th of August 1945. He studied at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He has designed Dentsu Building in Tokyo, One New Change in London, etc. He has been awarded with Aga Khan Prize in architecture, Pritzker Prize and Wolf Prize in arts. And that's all. Hello!! My name is Bilal Aslam. I am going to talk about Macba. Macba standed for Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Basically it's made with glass, concrete and aluminuim. The museum opened to the public on November 28th 1995. My name is jhonatan I going to present hotel vela Is a building having ninety-nine meters, and four hundred seventy-three Is locate in barceloneta It was designed by spanish architect Ricardo Bofill Is very famous and supporting and building Ricardo Bofill born in barcelona, spain, desember five. nineteen thirty-nine He studied at the school of architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. In ninteen sixty-two create the architecture Workshop. And tha's all. Hello! My name is Judith. I'm going to talk about the Toyo Ito Fira Hotel. The Fira Hotel was designed by Toyo Ito. It's a skyscraper hotel near Plaza Europa in Hospital de Llobregat. It was considered the best skyscraper in the world in 2010. It's made of reinforced concrete, aluminum and circular tubs adapt to the formal geometrical of the tower. Toyo Ito is a Korean arquitect. He was born in Seoul, on 1st June, 1941. He graduated from the University of Tokyo´s Department of Arquitecture in 1965. He has designed the Yatushiko Muncipal Museum, The Suites Avenue Building in Barcelona and more. He was awarded with the Royal Gold Medal. And that's all. Hello, my name is Luxin And I'm going to talk about the Barcelona Biomedical Research centre. It is a group of six public research centres and it's located by the Barceloneta beach, alongside the Hospital del Mar de Barcelona. There are 9 floors above ground and 3 floors underground with an elliptical shape. Its exterior facade is clad of red wood and the yard is all metall and glass. The centre was opened in May 2006. And over 1100 people are imployed there, making it one of the largest biomedical research clusters in the south of Europe. The building was designed by Albert Pineda and Manuel Brullet. Albert Pineda is a Catalan architect. He was born in Barcelona in 1953. and he studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona. He has designed the Hospital do Mar in Portugal. Manuel Brullet is a Catalan architect. He was born in Mataró in 1941. He studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona. and he has designed the Hospital Hedwigshöhe in Germany. And the two architects together have been awarded with the FAD prize in 1992 And that's all.

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Oral presentation

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