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Annoying Orange: Grandpa Lemon

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-♪ Ain't no party like a kitchen party, 'cause a kitchen party never stops ♪ [laughs] -Wha-- w-where am I? -Hey! How's it goin'? -Oh, hey there, little fella. What's your name? -I'm an orange. -Well, it's nice to meet you, Boris. -No, Orange. -Oh, George. -No. Orange! -Oh, Orange. Sorry about that. My hearing's just ain't what it used to be. -I'll say. -You can call me Grandpa Lemon. -Okay! Hey, Grandpa Lemon! -Who-who said that? -I did. Hey! Hey, Grandpa Lemon! -Hey there, little fella. What's your name? -I told you. It's Orange. -Whatever you say, George. -Hey! Hey, Grandpa Lemon! -What's that, Boris? -Why are you such a sourpuss? [laughing] -[snoring] -Hey. Grandpa Lemon? Grandpa Lemon! -[continues snoring] -Grandpa Lemon!! -Whoa! Oh, what? Wha-- who are you? -I told you a million times already. I'm an orange. -Well, what are you doing in my house? -[groans] Hey, hey Grandpa Lemon! -What? -Chicken butt. [laughs] -Chicken hut? Where's that? -No, chicken butt. -Check my butt? -No, chicken... butt. -You don't say. You know, I didn't know that that's what the kids are into these days. -What? No, it's a joke. -A joke? Well, I've got one for ya. Why did the porcupine cross the road? -Why? -[snoring] -Oh, for crying out loud. Hey! Hey!! -Huh? What? -So why did the porcupine cross the road? -Well, I don't know. Why? -No. I'm asking you. -Me what? -About the joke. -A joke? Well, I've got one for ya. So there's this porcupine, right? -[growls] -And he's-- [farts] Whoops! -Gross! That was disgusting. -I think there's a barking spider in here. [chuckles] -What? Screw you guys. You're always blaming me for everything. I'm outta here. -(Orange) Whoa... that guy really puts the "rant" in "tarantula." [laughs] -Hey Boris, did I ever tell you about the time I opened for Hootie & the Blowfish? -Hootie & the what-now? -Old Hootie, he was taking the world by storm with his sexy mid-tempo folk rock. But there was something missing. You know what it was? -Knife? -No. A one-man band talking lemon head like me. -No. Knife! -Ouch! -Ouch! That looked like it hurt. You okay, Grandpa Lemon? -[snoring] -What the? How does someone fall asleep while getting cut in half? -Oh. -[laughs] Hey Grandpa Lemon, you're a real pain in the "glass." [laughs] -Oh, hey there, little fella. What's your name? -[groans] -[farts] -Gross! That was disgusting, Grandpa Lemon. -Okay, that one was me. [chomps] Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 8 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Jan 3, 2011

Orange tries to annoy Grandpa Lemon. If only Grandpa could stay awake.

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