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Upload a file from OneDrive

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With Power BI, you get a 360-degree view of your business with real time dashboards connected to your most important business data. Power BI connects to lots of different data sources. But let's start with Excel. I'm going to upload a workbook stored on OneDrive and connect to them from Power BI. If your Excel file is on your computer, there's another video for uploading it. I'm using the Human Resources sample workbook. I downloaded this copy from the Power BI documentation. The link is in the description. You can download it too and follow along or use any workbook you saved to your OneDrive. I want to create a dashboard in Power BI to monitor my company's hiring strategy. I'm also going to build a report that shows all the detailed data related to my hiring strategy. I can pin any number of visuals from my report to my dashboard for easy, at-a-glance monitoring. I start from the dashboard where I want to display the data in a workbook. In this case, I create a blank dashboard. I'm going to pull the data into Power BI by following the connection steps under Get Data. In the navigation pane, I see my new dashboard and the new human resources report and data set. This data set has a report because the Excel workbook contains Power View sheets, and Power BI brings them in as a report. If your workbook doesn't have these, you will only see a data set. Notice the yellow asterisk next to the report and data set shows me they're new. I want to create a report from scratch, so I click on the data set name. Here I'm fast forwarding through creating the report. Check out the video Create a Report from Scratch to see some next steps. OK. Fast forward to the future. Let's say the data in the workbook on OneDrive has changed. One of the great things about connecting to my workbook on OneDrive is that when the data in the workbook changes, the dashboard and report in Power BI refresh to show the latest updates. In Power BI, I can refresh now or wait for Power BI to refresh the data automatically. Viola! You see the data in the dashboard is changed. Now that I have a connection to a live workbook on OneDrive, I can explore, create, and customize my dashboard and report as much as I want knowing the data will stay up to date. Now it's your turn. Give it a try and bring your data to life with Power BI.

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Learn how to connect a file from OneDrive to Power BI.

Learn more about uploading at:

Interested in creating reports? Check out:

Download the sample file here:
We used the Human Resources sample in this demo.

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