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Halloween Special TV Show

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[Music] Hello and welcome to Essence with me Lauren >> and me, Ryan. Coming up on today's show. >> Alan has been checking out current Halloween costumes and demonstrates what is more popular at the moment as well as Kirsty preparing something tasty >> We're out on Princes Street finding out your opinion on Halloween 2010 >> followed up by our special Halloween Quiz, who's going to be the winner? If you haven't already noticed then tonights theme is Halloween. >> Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic Festival known as Samhain. which is a celebration of the end of harvest in the Gaelic culture. It is believe that the boundaries of the living world and the dead world overlap causing the spirits to come back to life Now, Kirsty's been busy preparing some tasty treats in the kitchen for us. Lets see what she got up to. [Music] Okay so Kirsty's been preparing some food for us today so lets see what treats she's got for us. How are you doing Kirsty? >> I'm fine thankyou. Today, we're going to be making bat cookies. All we need is pre packed cooking mix which you can get from major supermarkets so we add that to a bowl and then we need 85 grams of butter, so you just add that to the bowl Then we use our fingers to mix. >> Do you want me to give that a go? >> You can give it a go yes. >> Sure. >> It's a bit sticky though. >> That's good. You just keep... >> mixing it it. >> It should all come together. So after you've done that, you get our bowl of dow Rolling pin please. Then we just roll it out. It should be about a pound sort of depth. So that is stays all together when it's in the oven. >>Yes. >> You can get all of these stencils in supermarkets or craft shops and I'll let you do the honours. >> Thankyou. >> So we should get a about six out of all the dow that we've used. >> I see. >> Just do one just now. >> Do you want me to break it off or? >> Yes. >> So we put this in the oven once you cut the rest of them out. The oven should be at 180 and for ten minutes until they are all golden brown. So that goes in the oven. This is one that was prepared earlier. We'll just use the chocolate icing to make our bat. You can get this out of major supermarkets. You can do a little pattern if you want. Just do whatever patterns that you like. >> I think I'm just going to go for an outline like everyone else's. I'll go for a small batman outline. Consistency the key here. >> Your doing a great job. >> Do you like that do you? Impressive isn't it. That is fantastic. >> Show everyone at home. >> I think I'm actually going to take a picture of that with my phone and I'm going to show my girlfriend. >> So that's the end product. We've got some others here. They're easy to do and great for some party treats. >> Well thankyou very much Kirsty. >> Your welcome. [Music] >> Now it's over to Alan. Lets see what he has in store for us. It should be interesting. [Music] >> Hello and welcome to this weeks fashion segment. A bit of a break from normal since it's Halloween. We've got a collection of the best Halloween Costumes on the market today. ranging from low to high budgets and for the over eighteens and above. Starting off, we begin with a superhero theme. First up, Spider girl and Bananaman. As you can see, Spidergirl is a short sexy number but still adds a cool look with Spiderman style. and we have Bananaman for the male which was a popular kids TV show. It has built in padding to give an illusion of muscles even for those who don't have any. These costumes can be found in Dazzle for forty nine pounds ninety nine which is a bit pricey. but it's worth it and great quality. Up next we have the more classic side of Halloween with a traditional Wizard and Witch. The classic Witch is the most popular costume for females. They come in a large variety from classic to contemporary. The Witch has a pointy hat, black wig and broom. The Wizard has a velvet detailed cloak and a wig. Wizard outfits have become more popular since the Harry Potter Films. Wizard and Witches Costumes are widely available from online and supermarkets. These are available from eighteen pounds ninety nine from Sainsbury. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration making sure that you will enjoy your Halloween and look fantastic. [Music] >> Over the years, Halloween has changed as children don't knock on strangers doors anymore asking for money or treats Parties don't contain apple bobbing or sticky marmite apples on string unless a large amount of drink is involved. Kirsty and Alan have been out on the streets of Edinburgh getting your opinions on Halloween in modern Britain. [Creepy Sound] >> Hi, I'm Kirsty >> and I'm Alan >> and today we're in Edinburgh to find out what the public thinks of Halloween and how it's changed over the years. >> Lets go and speak to some members of the public then. What kind of things do you do at Halloween usually? >> My children are all grown up but we always dress up. >> I'm travelling to Whitby with 20,000 Goths, celebrating Halloween together. >> You were a member of the Sunday School and they always held parties for things like that and we always dressed up, it was great fun! >> Fantastic. >> You don't know what your missing. >> Do you still celebrate Halloween? >> Not really. Not really, that's it! >> What do you think about Halloween, do you think something that just the young people celebrate or is it a family occasion? >> No, it's not something I celebrate. >> It's less fun for the kids now but much better for adults. There's much more toys, dressing up, getting drunk and having silly parties. >> Can I ask you a question? >> Yes you can ask it, whether I'll answer it is another matter. >> Halloween is great! It's the time of year where I can really come out of my shell. >> How do you think Halloween changed over the years? >> It's become completely commercialized and very American. >> it's becoming more commercial than in my day but that just seems to be the way of things. >> I'm sure if I had little kids then they would be pestering me for sweets and orange things and all sorts. >> Thankyou very much. >> What do you think of Halloween? >> It's an American idea isn't it. >> Do you still celebrate it, what are you doing, any plans? >> It's good for the younger kids but rubbish for the older ones. >> and do you think it's just an American thing? >> No, not just an American thing. I think it crosses boundaries. >> I remember as a kid going round and obviously as an adult, I don't really do that because I don't have any kids of my own so maybe it's just that I haven't noticed. >> Alright, thankyou. >> Your welcome. >> Well that's this year's public opinion on Halloween. It's certainly changed over the years but is still my favarote time of the year. >> Now back to you in the studio. >> Hello, now it's time for the Halloween special Quiz, the zappy snappy game with questions galore. >> but first lets meet our contestants. [Music] First off we have Team A, Mark and Lewis. Mark, can you tell me a bit about yourself please? >> I can but I wouldn't want to keep you up all night. It's kinda traumatizing to be honest. >> That's fair enough. and Team B, Derek and Sean. Where did you guys meet? >> We met at a Halloween press conference two years ago. >> So This is how the Quiz works. One member of the tea will answer the questions and the other one will dook. There is a number on each apple which matches to a question on my answer sheet here. So guys we flipped earlier on. Team A, your going to start so Lewis could you start us off. [Music] >> Sorry, are you trying to breath. >> Can you tell me what number you have got there. Hold it up to the camera please? Number three. True or False, the only species of bat out of the nine hundred and fifty that drink blood is a vampire bat? Is that true or false Mark? >> True. >> It is actually false. [Witch laugh] Zero for you guys. So onto question two. Sean if you would like to do the honours. >> It was a three. I think it was a three. In what century did they start to have parties and enjoy it? >> I believe it was during the 17th century at six oclock. >> It was in the 18th century, sorry. [Monster Laugh] >> Do you care about the glasses. >> Dunk my head right in there. >> In there, okay. Die! [Gurgles] >> Well that turned me on. >> Number I. >> Right, true or false. The largest pumpkin in the world weighed more than three hundred and fifty pounds and was more than fifty feet in diameter, true or false Mark? >> What were the answers again sorry. >> True of False Mark? Fifty Fifty, Black or White. >> I'm going to go with False. >> The answer was actually true. Zero Zero, so we've got one apple left and one question left. >> I'll give it a shot. >> No, he's not got a hold of it. >> Swear word. It's a nine or a six. >> Halloween is celebrated every year on what date? Derek? >> I believe it's the 31st October. >> Yes you are correct. I think that Team A were the winners there, you guys are off to the Carribean. Hopefully you'll have a great spooky holiday. Well that's about all we've got time for here on the Halloween Quiz of the year and we'll see you next time, same place, different year, same holiday. Remember you can let us know your thoughts and opinions on our Twitter page. >> Well that brings us to the end of tonights spooky show. Join us tomorrow night at 7pm so it's good night from me >> and it's good night from her. >> Good night. >> Good night. [Music]

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