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Momma! Momma! Momma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! What the **** are you yelling at? Papa kicked momma's ass and now she's bleeding and ain't moving! Wake up, you bastard! Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! What the hell?! Wait up! - Come on! Wait up! Oh man! Come on now! And stay out! What the hell.. Yo! What are you doing here? So what? Who are you? Ken Mattias Why aren't you going home? I can't. The door's locked and I don't have the key. I can't go home either. I live everywhere. You want to trip with me? Okay that's fine. Let's go. Are you hungry? Yes. We should beg. What's that? How do you do it? Put your hand.. And then say "Please give me a kroon." Okay. I'll go that way. You be here. Please! Give me some money! Thank you! You're a kind man. Hey! What's up? Just begging some money. What are you doing?! Have you got any money? No money! What is this? Why?! No! All our money! Momma is so bad. Let's go! Where were you? What were you doing? Sit down! Where were you? Huh? Prlrlu! Let's watch some TV! Dude.. someone.. Hello, boys! - Hello! Where's your mom? Come this way please. Boys! This is Uncle Paul. Hi, boys! How you doin'? Be good! Come on! I'm scared. No! Sit down! They're.. they're..yeah. Wake up, you fool! Look! Over there! Howdy folks! - Dude, let's go! Hey brothers! What's up? I'm so hungry. Take it! Thank you! Take it. - Dude, you're the best! You want some? You can't - you're too little. Little maggots. Yeah. Beer's the best. A piece? - You got something to smoke? Ahh.. **** no! Ahh, man. Wake up! Oh, where's my.. where's my hat?! It's not your hat. Man, I ain't in the mood for begging. Let's go steal something! Steal? Okay. ** The Witch is performing a spell to make all the snow dissapear. ** Hey! Look what I got. Oh man, let's do it! - Yeah. Yeah.. Dude, we're flying! Oh god.. Wingardius Leviossa. Let's go trippin'! - Yeah dude, let's go! Oh, check this green dog. Green dog. Purple wurple. Unicorns. Trippin'! Trippin'! Trippin'! I want to eat something good.. Why are you looking there? Take it. Take it. Take it. Give me some beer! I can't! Go! What are you doing? Go! All my..

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Duration: 19 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Estonia
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Funky Grass Productions
Director: Funky Grass Productions
Views: 401
Posted by: funkygrass on May 19, 2010

"Tänavalapsed", Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium, 10A

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