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Candidate Free Air Time: 2008 James Alesi--Incumbent

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Hi, I'm Senator Jim Alesi. But, you know, I'm not just your Senator, I'm your neighbor. I went to school here, grew a small business here and I know our community, and I work hard for my constituents. But in representing you in the Senate, it's not just a job for me, it's become my passion. I fought hard to protect hard-working people from the high cost of living here by voting for a bold new property tax cap that three out of four people strongly support. To make this reform work, I pushed to include mandate reliefs so our local governments and school districts won't have to pass these costly burdens on to taxpayers. A crucial part of my plan secures record funding for education, and accountability for every penny spent. Throughout my career in the Senate, I've sought to provide more transparency and openness in the legislative process, placing government where it belongs, out in the open and in the hands of the people. I've also made it a priority to provide significant funds for Rochester area hospitals and health care facilities to advance research, to provide treatment and emergency services, as well as prevention. I've passed legislation aimed at children's health, and I understand that the future for college students depends on real educational opportunities. I've helped to improve their prospects for better jobs by advancing new concepts at our local area colleges, partnerships that will offer a platform for universities, corporations and government to collaborate in the creation of innovative education and technology. It's my deepest hope that this will encourage our graduates to stay here and build their futures in our community. In addition to lower taxes, better education and affordable health care, I believe strongly in supporting our arts and cultural community, a proven economic engine that enhances our quality of life. Working together, we've done a lot for our community, and on Election Day, I hope you'll continue to place your trust in me and share my passion for serving this community.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 13, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is a WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. James Alesi is the Republican running in the 55th Senate district.

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