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The Switch (2010)

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(woman) I would like you to be the first to know, I'm having a baby. You're pregnant? Not yet. But I'm working on it. A party for an insemination? Only Kassie would do it like this. I'm Roland. The, uh, donor. I'm Kassie's best friend. Wow. That's okay. What's wrong with my sperm, by the way? You're - a little nuerotic. You had your window with Kassie and you didn't do it. She put you in the friend zone. So who does this? Will you relax? This is how everybody's doing it these days. Shouldn't that be cleaned or something? I'm messing with you! Knock that off. (Kassie) Wally, I hate it when you drink. You lose total control. [baby cry] [knocking on door] (friend) You were so drunk last night. I don't remember any of that. (Kassie on phone) Hey, Wally! Guess what! We are moving back to New York. (Kassie) This is uncle Wally. Hi. Hi Sebastian. (Sebastian) I think I have psychothymic disorder. (Kassie) Okay, was I not clear about Web M.D.? (Wally) There's these similarities and coincidences... He looks just like you. You don't think that I could have switched Roland's inbreeding, for my.... Ayyy... I hijacked Kassie's pregnancy? Oh, that's ill-advised. (friend) I think the first order of business is telling Kassie. (Wally) I've got to talk to you. What is he doing? I'm scared! I got this. Roland's here. C'mon, be nice. It's like a nightmare. She wants me to give him advice on being a better father, to my son. (Wally) I think that this guy is a mistake. (Kassie) Would you please not Wally this into a situation Hang on. Did you just use my name as a verb? Yeah, I did. You're going to be in thos pajamas for a very long time. Why, uncle Wally? Because, um, you know...I'm a.... Oh jeez.. (Roland) She's the light of my life. She's my soulmate. (Wally) I think that I have feelings for her. Really? Is that so? It's only been, uh, 13 years. Open the door, right now. Remind you of anyone? I've had my bouts with hypochondria. What's that? Thinking you have diseases that you don't really have. Oh my god. I have that. Congratulations, you're a father. [Captions by]

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