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This Week in Social Media Example

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making your decisions. You pull out your phone, use the Daqri app. Tthey've got QR codes on the menu so you scan it. It connects the dots for you, even if you don't have an AR app already, if this is your first time. We kind of remove the friction by putting it out there with a QR code. You scan the code, it gets you to the app Get the app installed and all of a sudden you're having the experience. So you still need a QR code reader? That's right. Ok which about, something on the order of 15% of people with smartphones have actually used. I don't know if they've had a great experience.. The great thing about QR is that it's definitely on the rise. More and more people are understanding it and it's as much a marker in people's minds as it is for the AR. By using the QR code for tracking, we don't need to know what page it's on. We actually track the QR itself so we can do these experiences without knowing, without having to encode or digitize the menu itself. So all you do is put the QR code on your material and you can add the AR layer on top of it. And they can change and update that information as well so even if the menu is printed what it links to can change? In fact they print that menu daily, in house, and they just add the QR code right on top Print it out and now you've got AR as well. And do they make their own QR codes? That's totally simple for them to do right? Super simple. In fact, right through our content management system you can add a new QR code And some new AR to it. And so they can add new animations or new models. There you go. So if you don't know what unagi is and you want to find out, one thing you can do is go to Uchi with your smartphone and start taking a picture of those QR codes on the menu And eventually you'll find out, right? An app will launch and it will teach you about that. That's kinda cool. Ok, so that's cool, it's like a little data overlay on a restaurant experience.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 2 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Carolyn Bedgood
Director: Matt Raub
Views: 46
Posted by: twisocialmedia on Oct 6, 2011

This clip features last week's episode of This Week in Social Media with Brian Mullins of AR startup Daqri.

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