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Dark Skies (2013)

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(Lacy) Hey! We got people coming over in 5. Get your butt home. An epic game of Modern Warfare. (Daniel) That's what save buttons are for, pal. [high pitched tone, electrical clicking] [loud alarm siren] (boy) I had a bad dream. Sammy - did you do this? (Sam) The sandman did it himself. Before he came to my room. (officer) There's no sign of forced entry. Sure all the doors and windows were locked? (Daniel) Sure, we check them every night. Karen says you guys had to call the police? Is everything alright at home? Yeah. [plink sound] [lound clank] [clank] [clank] [rapid clanking] (woman on phone) Three different migrations coming from three different directions flew into your house. As if something was drawing them to your home. (Lacy) Something's going on. (Daniel) What are we talking about? (Lacy) I don't know. I can't explain it. Sammy, come here, let me take a look at you. (doctor) The marks on your son's body, appear to have been applied with a brand. (Lacy) There are people who have reported experiencing the same things that we have been experiencing. I found a guy, who claims to be an expert on this stuff. (expert) Have you experienced any unexplained illnesses, or blackouts? (Lacy) Daniel? Why aren't you answering me? Daniel! (expert continues) The feeling that you might not be in control, of your own body? There's something wrong with you people! You cannot escape. [clank] [clank] [crash] Sooner or later, when they're ready, they will take your family. Do not open this door under any circumstances. Leave us alone! [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 19, 2013


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