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You’ve been there, you’re about to buy lunch and realize your wallet is in your other pants, or maybe you left your keys at home. The problem is organization, You need one place for everything, like a magic pocket, putting something in the magic pocket, means it’s always there, no matter what you wear or where you are. The same thing is true for computers, if you have more than one, keeping track of all of your files can be a pain. Solving this problem is one of the big ideas behind Dropbox. It’s like a magic pocket, a single secure place for all of your stuff. Let’s meet Josh, who is preparing for a big trip to Africa. Right now, all of his trip info is spread across his laptop, desktop and phone. He needs to consolidate it all and he’s tired of having to email files to himself or move they them around with the USB pendrive. Then, he found Dropbox, which creates a new kind of folders on his computers. This folders work hard to exactly a alike. Even across macs and Pcs. By adding his itinerary to his laptop to Dropbox. He can be sure the same file what should happen will show up in his desktop Dropbox and even in on his phone. The same thing happens when he saved the document it on his drop box folder. The document gets updated across of his drop boxes but it`s not just his computers the dropbox website also works to be exactly like the other dropboxes anything that he puts in his dropbox is put available on the website automatically. In this way if his jeep takes a dive and his computer is ruined he can still get to his files in the dropbox website, where they’re always backed up. As it turns out, Josh’s safari was a success and his laptop made a home with a lot of videos and photos to share. Instead of emailling everything he can share a dropbox folder with his mum, so she can get copies of photos she want to frame because he works so well for travel. John makes dropbox the home for all his stuff, so is accessible in any time, wherever he goes. when whether you are traveling the world, running a business or simply organizing your life, dropbox means you can stop worrying about mainaging files and backups, and get on with your next adventure. You can download dropbox now at

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Duration: 2 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: bearogui on Nov 29, 2010

Video explaining what Dropbox is. The video is mostly targeted at non-technical users.

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