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BILLY RAV STORY 3 August 2018

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I want to share just a one of the many secrets that we'll be revealing in the course this one's profound and I'll go into much more detail but essentially we know the 99% reality The Zohar says is made up of a voice in fact as Zohar says that voice is made up of sound waves of waves and heaps and heaps of waves exist in that 99% reality also known by the Hebrew Aramaic term Zeiranpin but don't worry if you don't know what that means just know it's the true reality the hidden reality is made up of a voice it didn't say words it's just aaaaaaa voice the energy of sound waves and every word in existence is included in that voice but when we speak words in this 1% physical world then we'll give an expression to whatever concept energy force of consciousness exists in that 99% reality so if we say happiness, pleasure, swimming, ice-cream anything that gives us pleasure and joy it exists in 99% reality it exists within that supernal voice and when we speak words in this realm we manifest it now today's the Rav Berg's birthday and I want to share a personal story that happened me happen with me and the Rav many years ago the Rav was saying to me we were alone and the Rav was very firm and saying Billy you hate the Rav I laughed and I said no Rav I love the Rav probably more than any of other students Rav said you hate the Rav I want to make a long story short this went on for two hours and the Rav , my teacher, was getting more angrier with each time that I refused to accept that and I said no I'm not falling for this I'm total certainty I have no doubts I know I love the Rav and The Rav no matter what you say to me I said no matter what I know I love the Rav well the Rav's got even more angry with me after two hours it finally hit me I said I hate the Rav! I do hate the Rav the Rav had this, I'm telling you, this massive twinkle in his eyes the Rav said quote Billy "you will never ever know how much I love you" He was talking to my satan my inner ego my dark side, which isn't me he wanted me to speak the word to admit to recognise the dark side within me why was i defending him and that's what we do in life we defend our ego when it's not really who we are we defend that inner opponent that adversary and when I spoke the word and said yes I hate the Rav and I, I knew in my consciousness I was talking about my satan I got Light The Rav told me how much He loved me this is why Jesus said it's more important to watch what comes out of your mouth than what goes into your mouth and this is why Jesus ever wrote down a thing he only spoke the secret teachings verbally, through the power of voice to his close disciples and even to the masses he spoke in parable it was an oral teaching because the 99% reality is a realm of sound waves and and you manifest that light, that raw naked energy into this world through the power of those Aramaic words the same language that Jesus spoke I'll go into much more detail it's a mind-blower in the course and keep in mind for those of you that have registered to get updates on the launch date of the course and the course pricing etc you will be receiving a special early adopter discount so please share this with your friends with anybody you think would want to know more about this sacred wisdom that's been hidden for 20 centuries literally have them register their email so they'll qualify for the discount and that we can start getting this course launched as quickly as possible thank you

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