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Universal Robots Italia’s new offices in Turin were officially opened on Tuesday 13 March 2018: located close to the Po, the offices are a large open-space created from the conversion of an old factory. The opening was led by Italy sales development manager Alessio Cocchi, who presented the company, the new offices and the national team. The two other speakers were Universal Robots President Jürgen von Hollen and the Regional Manager for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jacob Pascual Pape. who illustrated a series of economic, financial and strategic elements in Universal Robots’ global growth. The opening of the new offices brought the many journalists attending the event into direct contact with a modern, innovative organisation, with more than 400 employees from 35 different countries: a cultural and technological melting pot on a worldwide scale. President Jürgen von Hollen spoke about the company’s exceptional growth: in 2017 Universal Robots boosted its turnover by 72% from the previous year and secured a 60% market share. Universal Robots has set itself a 50% growth target for 2018, to be achieved in part through investments designed to consolidate its proximity to its customers and attract the top talents on the labour market. A lengthy question and answer session, followed by the customary interviews, preceded the final part of the event, during which everyone enjoyed lunch and took an opportunity to network in the areas set aside for the purpose in the new premises. A festive day and important prospects for the future, as the three managers who led the event pointed out. Well I think this day was fantastic. I think the level of interest, the level of discussion, the questions is probably the best we have ever had on any Region, so the matter of questions but also the type of questions was positive. I think the location is fantastic, I think it’s a very cool building which does represent our culture very nicely I’m very happy with that and it feels smart, it feels new. In the fact we are in Torino I think is also for me a very positive thing with all the history here in automation and with the automotive, we have the factories. There’s so much potential here and I’m really excited about this thing. It’s a great satisfaction for me as responsibile for South Europe and Middle East to see the culmination of more than 4/5 years of activity on the Italian market, so by opening this office today it confirms our commitment for the Italian market and I foresee the next couple of years of consolidated growth in Italy. I’m glad to host this event today. It’s a real pleasure for me to grow and give my personal contribute in Universal Robots in growing something local that will be bigger and bigger in the next months.

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