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How to be a Portal 1

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How to be a Portal Portal Support 1 Hi, this is Winged. I’m here doing video interviews on ‘Portal Support’ and how each one is able to practically assist and support themselves in being a portal, entering the interdimensional existence entirely and completely, and have an interdimensional being come within and as your human physical body. So, I’ll start with sharing my experiences, which will give you an indication of when you’ve actually left your body; and also beforehand, with regards to self-forgiveness and self-honesty. My experience with self-forgiveness, in particular, is quite interesting. Because in applying self-forgiveness, the words, for instance, 'I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience anxiety' in those words, you will experience an instant release, when spoken effectively and with certainty. What I find with self-forgiveness is having trust within you, that in that moment of applying self-forgiveness, you’re applying it absolutely. For instance, in a moment when anxiety is experienced and that anxiety builds up within your solar plexus, and in that moment, 'I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience anxiety'; but, in that statement, the self-forgiveness is an ACTUAL statement. It’s interesting, because what I experience is the anxiety dissipates, literally dissipates and stops. It’s like you stop inside yourself and everything just becomes clear within you as yourself; and then you’re just here with you as you. It’s quite interesting, because, for instance, then you realize that the anxiety wasn’t necessary at all, in any way whatsoever. That’s what’s specific with regards to self-forgiveness: When you’re applying it effectively with the words/within the words, you are applying self-forgiveness for you; and within that, making a statement of who you are. So, it is to realize YOU within self-forgiveness, not just to have self-forgiveness be words that are spoken when you experience something inside yourself, to ensure that self-forgiveness doesn’t become a REACTION. When you experience anxiety, for instance, then you immediately go Okay, I-forgive-myself-that-I’ve-allowed-myself-to-experience-anxiety' something like that. No, when you experience the anxiety, be you in that moment, not just to have the self-forgiveness be empty words spoken and the anxiety just continues. It must be in you giving yourself that moment, and you speak the words 'I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience anxiety' and within that, it’s interesting, because what you experience is you bringing you back to self-awareness. Because you were somewhere in your mind ‘there’/‘projected, which caused you to go into the mind and not be here with you in and as breath. That is and was a very significant experience within myself, with regards to self-forgiveness. Because I did the same, where self-forgiveness became like a reaction, where I would just immediately apply self-forgiveness when a reaction came up within myself; but the immediacy of applying self-forgiveness was done as a reaction, not as me ACTUALLY forgiving myself for allowing me to experience that particular reaction . such as anxiety, for instance. So, what the mind will tend to do is want to race things - race into the anxiety, race into the thoughts - and then everything just compounds and compounds and gets worse and worse and worse; and the more you apply self-forgiveness, the more it kind of compounds within yourself and becomes more extensive. What happens there is you react TO the reaction that you experience within yourself. For instance, if anxiety came up and then you reacted to the anxiety in fear or judgment, et cetera, and then you’re trying to apply self-forgiveness from THAT starting point; and then everything just compounds and becomes more intense and worse inside yourself. So, another suggestion is to, when anxiety is experienced - I’m using anxiety as an example - when you experience anxiety there in your solar plexus, just SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN, slow everything down and then you apply self-forgiveness, and then the anxiety will literally dissipate. Then, you’re able to allocate the thought or the environment or the being that initiated the anxiety in the first place inside yourself, to flag-point that thought. Because you’ll realize that the thoughts are quite similar and the same as they ‘come up’ and ‘pop up’; and if you can see the thought, you’re able to, within your process, stop the thought BEFORE it culminates to creating a reaction inside your human physical body, which you experience. So, that stage within your process you’ll also be able to... ...'get to', if you want to call it that, where you’ll start seeing the thoughts ‘coming up’ and you’ll just stop them immediately. Because you KNOW where that thought’s going to take you. Here’s some practical assistance with regards to self-forgiveness, and my experience with self-forgiveness within the process. Okay. CC English for Desteni Productions©

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