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Saving Money Secrets! Cooking Soy beans 5 - Marinading

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DesteniChineseTD: Saving Money Secrets - Marinade Soy Beans 5 (Marinade) but I mean that, before the 'equal money system' before everything collapse and then we 'rebuild' and restart everything and then more and more 'reflections' more and more people, walk together into this process we need to survive, not survive I am sorry I used the wrong term we need to 'Live', we need to eat- to a certain extent and we need to- 'save money' and this thing can, assist you in- doing that, together with the recipe and the video that I am making ok so why I- I am taking, you know about three minutes or so to talk about this- this guy, this shuttle chef 'because' at this moment let's say if you live in a- not a very 'nice' place you have a a- a limited amount of income I mean- I mean let's- be honest not everyone, at this moment- might be capable of, paying $200 USD something to buy a shuttle chef ok what I would suggest is, you know- if people you know not- from a internet(can have internet), you know maybe you tell your relatives and he's poor or- families that's poor and then what I'd suggest is you know, 'go to your neighbors' and you know 'knock knock': Hey hello, I- I know there's a guy with a recipe like this, I saw the video, I know it works but, the only thing that's important(expansive)- well to a certain extent it's cheap, fast and "effective", and it saves money, the only problem is- I need shuttle chef, or 'we' need a shuttle chef how about we go share it, we go- half half and buy it because I- mean let's say I cook it for one month, I- I only do this like once a month or so you know for one people's, one person's serving, depends on your family size so I would suggest you, you know if you are really po- at this moment not I wouldn't say poor but not capable of- reserve the money to buy this you know, go to a neighbor and talk to them, you know: Hey how about we share this? we buy this, and then we share using it I mean- there's no point of, use once a month and then just keep holding for 29 days inside your house you know 28 days maybe, not- not 29 because we, we'll cook it for two days ok so that's- what I opinion is what I will say about this thing yah so yah, we'll come back - tomorrow ok just some 'notes' here, and as you can see how I am going to store the vegetables, on the- left side here, this is "not good" because- it's not "filled" it got air inside so that it will be easier for- the bacterias to germinate so you should fills it up like this, as much as you can and also if there is any sauce or "water" that's inside probably like every day you- 'pour them out', clear them and then cover the cap again and put it into the refrigerator and also the, 'power' here you can see that it is not garlic powder I- I said it wrong it's the, curry powder Ok because I was waiting for the, camera this is the second day, so let's check it out so basically as so you can see here, it is- ok got some steam here it's- it's already the sauce has already much marinaded, into the beans so what you do is basically you stir it up, you know stir it a little bit to mix it- more- you know to mix it up, and then you re-boil it, again, for 30 minutes and- also check the smell, check the taste if you need to, and add the seasonings if you needed, ok ok and then look and you can see the sauce level I mean the water level has dropped because of the evaporation, because of the marination the seasoning and the water together get inside the beans so you need to add the water level you know at least- cover, you know, a little bit here a little bit lower, and then I'll probably- show you how- much water should be added, ok ok I'm not going to get too close but- basically you can see that this is the water level that you will want to at least to refill, and then reboil it, to- boiling temperature again ok now, 30 second I mean 30 'minutes' after reboiled so we're going to put it in the- the outer shell and then wait for - third day ok, third day morning so let's check it here for example like, if I put my hand here, it's- still warm I mean even from the outer shell, you can feel that it's still warm ok so let's check inside wow, it's hot, you know it's- real, it's still hot even after for like, not 24 hours, but close to a day because we re-boil it in the 3- 3 pm. afternoon, and right now is 8 am. I- I don't really like calculate it right now I mean, later on, ok so see it's so here it's- if you can see there is still 'smoke'- coming out if you see it, see here (left rim) you can see it closely ok, so we are going to stir it a little bit yah, see here? very nice, nice and tight and I can smell it ok so this is, basically done but! as you can see it's still very hot! ok so what I'm going to do I'm just show you guys what it's like, I'm going to close the lid, close the- lid- is a bit let's make it level, so the lid can be closed again ok, so I'm going to close the lid, close the outer shell and, we're not going to re-boil it this time, we're just going to leave it here because it's still hot, we can use the 'heat'! to let's say, until in the afternoon and then- then we take it out and then- wait for it to cool down and then put them into bags and put them into the refrigerator ok, so this is what it's like - when it's done ok so we've taken it out, and we are going to let it cool down so- it's in the afternoon, so what we are going to do is we- use you know, this thing (ladle) to mix it, and with- the sauce mix the sauce, generally, mix it together- mix it well and tight and then because it's still hot, I mean as you can see probably, you can see the 'heat' there is steam that's coming out so we will- close the lid, and then, you know put it somewhere on the stove or something like that, and then let it, to cool down and- you know because it's still (pretty) hot, it's still very hot so we- will let it cool down and then we will- store the beans into, a ziplock bags and and- and the sauce ok now here is our beans, see all of them here this(jar) is what I am going to store in the- a refrigerator these(bags) are going to be stored in the freezer, so that they can stay longer whenever I am out of stock, when I'm about to finish then I, take it- down from the freezer to defrost and, just a little note, that I need to add is: the second time when I re-boil it for 30 minutes, I forgot to add water I "didn't" add water I though there was enough water so it kind of like 'burnt out' a little bit at the bottom of the pot, so 'check' the water level very carefully each time, make sure that there's enough water - in the pot before you boil it to make it to re-boil it to 30 minutes, to back to 100 degree and, also is yah I need to, get back to what I wanted to say, so I turned it off (digcam) I want to say that if, because- let's say, the second time you (add) more water so there will be more water inside the pot so there will be some 'sauce' left over, just like here! (jar sauce mark) you know you see there is a (sauce) level, something like that the sauce is here, from here to here (bottom sauce) so you will have, many sauce left "don't pour them away" you know use a little jar something like this to store and then whenever when, for instance, like when you eat- when you eat the beans with the rice or if you eat with potato or anything you can use that as sauce that's very good sauce ok so that's the whole process of how to cook the- soy beans Note: Since it's acidic, recommend store the beans in a Glass jar I'd like you ask yourself: Why didn't I find a Factory and make Money, but make a Free video? For Fame? for Profit? What are these people working for? Our 'who we Actually are' - Oneness and Equality You Realize it or You Pay after you Die - Equal Money System CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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