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Sound & Fury Part 9

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Peter: Back on Long Island there’s a huge hearing community and they would charge and give us orders, but they really don’t understand our deaf culture. I’ve tried to explain over and over I just can’t imagine having to continue doing this, while my children are growing up. I don’t want to deal with it. James: I understand how you feel. This city of Fredrick has brought together deaf Americans, there’s America, the big America and deaf communities like this one within America. People here are very sensitive to the deaf community because this school has been here for over a hundred and thirty years. Nita: We went to the store today and I asked where I could find a baby bottle and the sales lady signed back aisle ten. I was so surprised, I was amazed. James: It’s true here in Fredrick you’ll often find waiters who sign, or bank tellers, doctors, nurses. There’s a lot of deaf awareness here. (♪Music begins to play♫) Peter: I just feel inspired here I come here to the deaf world and I feel safe. In the hearing world I feel locked up in jail, I feel like I’m being held back. I really want to move here. House Manager: Painting is allowed, but you have to be able to cover it with one coat of paint when you leave, when if you move out… Peter: Ahhh. House Manager: ok. Peter: We’ve talked it over and Nita and I feel its right for our family to move to Maryland.

Nita: Peter and I are the parents of these three deaf children and we will do what we think is best(♪Music fades away♫). Nita: People can’t tell us what to do. They tell us we should implant our child, put our children in oral programs, that they should have speech therapy every day. We should do this and that because of their future. I feel like I’m being forced to hear to their wishes, but you know what I am throwing it all away. We’re going to decide what’s best for our children. (Music begins to play again; noise of a car moving) Peter: We want to move to Maryland because we believe that’s what’s best for the kids. Sr. Peter: Well, we feel is that you’re putting a fence around the children because you believe it’s the right thing in raising them in that community. Marianne: You’re moving, you are limiting your children. You are forcing them… Peter: Mom! Marianne: Wait a minute; you are forcing them to live only in a deaf world. Nita: That’s not true Maria that is not true! Marianne: Nita, you told me before, “I don’t want my daughter to suffer the same way I did. I would want her to hear music, I would want her to enjoy life, I did not have that”. Well, what are you doing now? Nita: Marianne when I saw the kids in that school I realized that because of their sign language their language and writing abilities were equal to the hearing kids. Marianne: You may be one hundred percent correct maybe it’s the best school for the deaf in the world. My feeling, you are moving your family to escape an issue that is going on here. Cochlear implant. Peter: Mom. I know how you feel about the cochlear implant, but I don’t want the implant for Heather! That’s it, that’s my final decision. In Maryland we’ll have more opportunities, more interpreters, more communication, deaf people are accepted there. Nita: Living in Maryland will be better for our kids. We are a deaf family, Peter and I grew up deaf. We know what it’s like growing up in a hearing culture. We can do better for our kids; you don’t understand deaf people’s feelings. Marianne: You only want to accept one way, deaf way! There are both worlds here, you only want deaf world for your children. They have to live in both worlds! You! Why did you go for a cochlear? Why? Peter: She was curious. Marianne: Curious! That’s Bull! She said to me I want to be like the same, I want to hear the music; I want to dance that’s why I want to live in both worlds. Nita: So your saying were limiting our children? That ridiculous, we’ll give them the best of everything. Marianne: Excuse me. Can you read a recipe all by yourself without help. Do you understand a recipe, all of it? Nita: You really have to ask me that?! Marianne: Do you understand? Nita: I don’t understand how to read a recipe, but it’s not my fault. My parents didn’t teach me. Marianne: No kidding! But Nita: But, I am teaching Heather! Marianne: At what proof do you have that you’re going to be taught all of that? Nita: Wait, wait! I feel so much pressure about this, I’ve had enough! Marianne: Because you don’t want to accept it. You are running away. Are you running away because I’m pressuring you? Peter: No come on mom! Marianne: If you wanted the best for your kid’s future you would be giving them a cochlear and the opportunity to have both worlds. Nita: I feel like your mother keeps stifling me, I feel like she’s controlling us. I want her off my back. Peter: I know honey. I know, ignore her, you’re the mother. We’re gonna move on with our plans ok? She’s only the grandmother. Just ignore her. Nita: I thought your parents would be proud of us, but they would at least trust that were doing the right thing, but they think were making the wrong decision (in a sad and upset voice). Peter: That’s my parents, that’s who there are. If my father see’s that were right, he’ll be alright with it. But my mom is just being so heartless. Nita: I tried to share how I feel, she wouldn’t let me. She just kept putting me down made me so angry. I tried so hard. Peter: Just ignore her, you take it too hard. When we get to Maryland you will be much,

much happier I promise you. We’ll meet a lot of new people there; there is a big deaf community there that will accept you for who you are. What’s most important is our happiness; you’ve been through so much. Come here. Nita: (Nita begins to cry and music begins to play) (Moving noise of things being moved around)

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Two families continue to debate if their child should get a cochlear implant.

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