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Girl Rising - Stamford, CT Screening Welcome (March 12, 2013)

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Silence. If you turned off your cell phone, would you please do that? It's a good time right now and take notice of the exit signs because you're not going to have any previews that remind you to do that. Hello and welcome. My name is Gail G. Trell and I'm one of your cohosts this evening, along with Angela Malizia and Julie Trell. It was Julie who brought Angela and me together. Julie has been passionate about 10 x 10 documentary from almost its conception, three years she's been working on it. Julie, stand up. She's right over there. I didn't know where she would be and be congratulated for all your efforts working with 10 x 10, 10 times 10 and encouraging us to share this wonderful film with the community. It's a worthwhile, fascinating, monumental, pertinent, phenomenal and amazing film. The centerpiece of film tonight Educate Girls, Change the World. Some housekeeping to keep in mind right now, we must be out of the theater by 9:45 for another scheduled movie but that is not the end of the evening. Please join us in the lobby. We can take more red carpet photos and we can discuss what we saw so please don't rush home. We appreciate Aviva Muller for taking all these wonderful photographs. They will be online and when you get a handout at the end of the program, it will have the URL address so you can go check it out. I don't know when but keep trying; and a great gratitude to Jeff Trell for the backdrop that we have out there and for picking up Julie at the airport this afternoon. Julie has been very busy with these films, she has seen -- this is her third screening that she's seen in six days. She's been in LA, San Francisco and now Stamford, Connecticut. So this is so important to her and we want to show her how much we appreciate it and a grateful thank you to the Majestic Theater for opening up their theater and helping us get this together. So now a few words from Angela and yes, Angela, Julie's SHS classmate, that's Stamford High School and she is also the founder of Backyard Humanitarian. So is that all the Backyard Humanitarians in the audience that I've heard? >> Thank you so much every single one of you for coming. This has been such an amazing experience of film screening, how fun, right? Julie, my classmate and Gail, it's been so fun so it's going to be a great night. Hopefully you were able to take pictures on the red carpet outside in the lobby. If you haven't yet, you can still do it after the movie, we'll be out there. Thank you to ACME Sign Co. for the beautiful, beautiful sign. Classic Carpet donated the carpet and I also want to thank Jennifer Kozlowski for taking some photos, our Backyard Humanitarian photographer. Backyard Humanitarian partners with an organization in Stamford, Connecticut called Women's Mentoring Network. They deal -- A lot of the women who are here tonight are from the countries represented in the film deal with the same issues that you'll see that these women and girls deal with and they are here and they are going to be happy to talk to you if you want to just get some direct info from them, ask questions. They will be here. I'm going to say their names, I hope that I pronounce them correctly. If I don't, I'm very sorry. Vitwa Lagermae and and so she'll be happy to talk to you and Glades Contreras and Mandabu Padwe and Rasheem Medyoga, okay, so please talk to them at the end of the film, enjoy it and here is Julie Trell. Thank you, Angela and mom. >> Just a little background on why and how I got involved with this; I met Tom Yellin and Holly Gordon, the executive director and executive producer of 10 x 10. They came to my office about three and a half years ago and saying we want to do this film on girl's education. We don't know how we're going to do it, this is what it's going to look like but we're going to do it. I not only fell in love with the idea because they were just saying how educating girls will change the world, get girls out of poverty, make healthier lives and you'll see more deep data in the film but I just knew that I had to be involved with this. I fell in love with Tom and Holly, I fell in love with the idea and being a former classroom teacher inspired by my mom and I hear that my second grade teacher, who is here, Vicky Aarons, is she in the room? the reason I became a teacher So I knew I had to get involved with this film. The other thing that was very unique was the distribution, how they were getting this film out and with that, I'm going to introduce Jessica Somerhausen from 10 x 10, who will explain a little bit of background about the importance of the film and how it's not just a film, it's also a social action campaign, so thank you. Thank you so much everyone >> And thank you so much, Julie, and Gail and Angela for hosting this event and filling up all these seats. This is absolutely incredible. I went to the New York premiere last week but since then, I've been seeing so much feedback come in from people who have been seeing screenings across the country and the stories have been amazing. So if you all could actually just go back to your computers after this and send us emails and let us know what you thought, post on Facebook, on Twitter, everything. Just get the word out that we really want to hear what you have to say because it means everything to us because in the end, it's all about you and the change that you can make after seeing this film. And all I wanted to say about this is that Girl Rising, the movie, is really something -- it's about passion. It's about all the passion that everyone involved in the filmmaking process put into this as they traveled from country to country, from La Rinconada in Peru to India, to Nepal and making sure that all of these stories were captured and heard by you, by all of us. It's a story about the passion of our partners, like Room to Read has exhibited and just ensuring that every girl around the world has a right to an education because it's a fundamental human right. It's about the passion that the actresses who narrate these stories exhibit. You can really sense all the girl's determination and grit in their voices and they really channel them so well and it's about the passion that the writers exhibit when they sat down with these girls and made sure they had their stories right and made sure that they were told evocatively, just beautifully. And in the end, it's really about your passion and we're honestly -- we have been completely floored by the responses that we've gotten and it's really about you and in the end, you know, this film is just a catalyst, it only starts here. This isn't the end and what we need you to do after this is there's going to be a call to action at the end of the film and if you're moved by the film, if any of these narratives appeal to you, if they resonate with you, we want you to text to donate to the 10 x 10 fund and it's a fund that actually goes to all of our NGO partners. It's distributed evenly among them and goes straight to ensuring that every girl gets an education around the world. so thank you so much. I'm really excited. >> And last but certainly not least one of my favorite organizations Room to Read, Jennifer Bowen [inaudible]. >> Hi, my name is Jennifer Bowen and I'm from Room to Read and I wanted to thank the host committee for making such a beautiful screening. I attended the premiere in New York as well and I am so excited to see it again and thank you to 10x10 as well because this movie is not only telling Room to Read's story but it's also telling the story of eight other organizations and it's really getting the word out how important girl's education is. So 70 million children woke up around the world and didn't have access to an education and didn't go to school this morning and it's imperative that we all work together to try to find ways to make that not a reality anymore and Room to Read really believes that every child throughout the world should have access to an education no matter what the background, race, gender, history, whatever. Everyone should be waking up and should have empowerment via education and so our beginning was in the year 2000, when one of our cofounders traveled to Nepal with a few books on the back of a yak and now we have affected almost 7 million children throughout the 10 countries with which we work and it's growing from there so we look forward to working with all of you and thank you so much.

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Full house a the Majestic Bowtie theater in Stamford, CT for the Girl Rising screening. Welcome remarks from co-hosts Gail. G. Trell, Angela Malizia, and Julie Trell. Additionally, welcome words from 10x10 Social Media Manager, Jessica Somerhausen and from Room To Read, Jennifer Bowen

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