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NaVi in Stockholm [PART 2]

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Zeus:I would happily go there(to Luna Park) Zeus:I am always ready Starix:We can go on Monday after Fragbite Edward:We're here, we have nothing to los Zeus:Serezhka(to starix), bro Seized:Use grenades, you are left 1v2 Zeus:You are young and you are in Sweden Zeus:I am always young Seized:Forget Fragbite, Luna Park is the shit Zeus:Look at those young girls seized, they got shy when they noticed you Zeus:When they saw me they got ready to get naked Zeus:I don't see any problem, you can "do it" at the age of 15 here "Discussing rides at Luna Park" Zeus:Oh look, they've built a new ride on the right Seized:Olof is up there on top of that ride Zeus:Boosting with AWP/SCAR Seized:That small ride sucks Zeus:We've always entered Luna Park from the other side Zeus:We've got 2 hours max Seized:Ride, eat, puke Edward:You've got the steps wrong:D Seized:I'd put flamie in that tower Zeus:So he won't do unnecessary pushes anymore Seized:Is that a church over there? Zeus:Probably some 16 yr olds getting married there Seized:Man you can do everything here when you turn 16 "EXCITEMENT OVER RIDES INTENSIFIES" Zeus:They managed to build it when we were home "Edward can't settle excitement" Zeus:Honestly, we should spend the whole day here, look how big it is Zeus:So how do we get there? Zeus:We can swim to get there Zeus:See those capsules, those are cool too Zeus:I love this place, all the rides here are cool "Edward is still excited" Edward:Imagine if that thing brakes and just starts throwing people out of their seats Seized:Lucky ones will land in the water Zeus:We need to go after the event, because we don't have time now "Starix is an old complaining fart" Edward:How the fuck do we get there lol Zeus:That boat will probably take us there Edward:Nice Zeus:I am glad our brains still work Zeus:Oh God this smell "Starix is not happy again" Zeus:We need to talk over everything tomorrow morning Zeus:Let's go Starix Zeus:I don't think they are waiting for us Zeus:Fuck they're leaving Zeus:We should go here when we have no time, it makes more sense to go eat Zeus:Serega, wait

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jun 7, 2015

NaVi in Stockholm [PART 2]

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