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Every one can feel it. You know dear, I was very healthy I just couldn't sit still I had to work and work... I couldn't sit still and now ... many years I've lived... And health wise she is... she just has stones in her kidneys and they say nothing can be done, but apart from that the doctors say her heart... she can give a head start to any sportman... because her heart is like a clockwork. She used to tell us how she moved logs during timber rafting when they would drift apart. They used to wear cotton wadded pants and jackets and stood in the icy waters up to here and they would catch with gaffs those logs and drag them and yes, a lot people died. They say that the Magadan road was built on human bones... so... But nonetheless she says that something made them strong and something puched them further to survive. She is a blessing for us. She has never had surgeries. Not a single one. Just appendicitis surgery. That's it. Other then that no surgeries. She never was in hospitals. Just two years ago once she was hospitilised because of high blood pressure. Other then that she never was in hospitals. I worked very hard. I didn't like sitting down. I need to work and work and work... She used to be a master of a pigfarm. She was a manager. Then she worked in a kindergarten. Didn't you? Yes. After GULAG camp she worked as a stoker. That means she fired a furnace. In a social club. Right? They lived together with our farther for some years. Our farther passed away long time ago and she had to raise 5 children alone. We all were under age and she raised us alone. We all are educated people now. For example I am a telegraphist and an post office operator. My daughter, the eldest one studies at the law school and there is one who studies to become a public prosecutor and is graduating this year. Her second daughter our eldest, she is a dairy - woman, a top performer. She is well known in Yakutia. There is a son who is a geologist. Now he lives in Chita and he comes here to work as a manager in a mine. It's all because of her. She raised us and helped us. She would direct us in our lives.

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