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Mekong Home - Draft1

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Cambodia has the population of more than 15 millions. Currently, there are still 80% of the people are living in the rural area. We see that there are a lot of development and improvement done in urban area, but there is little attention and development for the people living in the rural area. We usually joke that since the ancient time, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years the look of the homes remain the same. So we have agree nothing has changed fro a long long time I name is Pach Nean, live in Prum Prochum Ang Srork Khandal Stueng. In the dawn after coming back from selling vegetable in the market, I plug out the seedlings and in plough in the daytime. My house is 10 years old. I am disappointed with the insect eating the wood. Everyday I am very very scared everything there is strong wind. In my village, there were a few house collapse during strong wind. People are living in inadequate condition. Their homes are made from old wood easily broken, are facing water leakage, has no sinitation and some are within water and electricity. Every time when I drive to the country side seeing people living in very difficult condition, it makes me determine to change for better the condition of living for the people in the rural. We hope that we deliver 100,00 Mekong Homes in 10 years. This project align perfectly with our Company version which is "to create and build better living for all" Our company beside our general profession, we are passion in doing project that has big impact on the general population That is why we started to form the team. Noted: it would be good to add the part that i explain about the composition of the team Our team has some knowledge about the home but not enough Beside our partners, we also involve researchers to do the research at the ground on 3-4 families The result from the research shows that the condition of living is much worst than what we have anticipated. We focus on design. We don't want our home to look so difficult; we want to blend in really well with the environment. This is what the people can accept, not too different. (Can cut out) We initial base on Khmer style, wooden home. (May be can cut out) We focus on the basic function of the home which is room, kitchen, toilet. And the home is above the ground to avoid flooding. Mekong Homes Project focus on the materials that we have on hand and materials that are readily available in the market. Mekong Homes project has a big dream, to build a high quality home for everyone everywhere. In order to achieve this dream, There are 2 main factors which are also the main challenges that we need to overcome. First, we need to find ways to build many many home. Secondly, how can we respond to build anywhere where people are living. Therefore, we have found we need to prefabricated any coupounent that is complex in our factory. And other part that is easily made and heavy we work with micro enterprise that made the concrete to supply to the project. We realize that the micro enteripise play a vital role in helping to make this project succuessful. Our idea is for 4-5 people to build a home in 2-3 weeks only. Therefore, all the construction manual is very simple and easy for them to learn and follow. After I walk around to see all the homes, I like home #4 the most. I am not reluctant. If i have money i will build tomorrow. All the four homes, for me i like home on the ground. Because i am getting old, i cannot claim up the stair. So the reason i want the ground floor home, when i wake up from bed i am at the ground. No need to worry about getting down and falling down, cannot grab or miss step. For me and my husband, I am interested this home because i want to keep it for my daughter future. She is single, when get have family I cannot find other home for her. So this home is perfect for her small family. I come here and see and i am interested. If i build this home, everyone in my village will come and see its quality and its eudranbility, and one by one they follow. Everyone want strong home espically those are poor. I hope it well go country wide. In order for Mekong Homes project to be truly affordable, it require various financial institutions like banks and micro finance to particate in providing low interest loan to the people so that they can truly buy the home. For us, we believe that good home can impact on the people who live in it. We hope that Mekong Homes is the homes that provide happiness to the people living in the rural. In the future, we not only want to provide a high quality home with sinitation, we hope that this Mekong Homes Project will embed itself to the fabric of live of the people in the long term.

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