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Bill Maher responde a petición a UC Berkeley

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A couple of months ago I was asked to deliver the commencement speech for Berkeley's December graduation. I was like "Great, I love Berkeley, am off in December, and it'll be a sentimental journey. Who doesn't remember their graduation in... December?" [Audience laughs] But whatever, I'm happy to do it because though I never attended Berkeley, I was very aware of their place in the American debate: on the far left. In a country where the Democratic Party is sold out to the center and even the right, this is what is needed, this is why I wanted to accept this invitation. And they invited *me* because it was the Fiftieth Anniversary of something that is legendary on that campus: The Berkeley Free Speech Movement I guess they don't teach irony at college anymore... And then, a few weeks ago, Ben Affleck was on our show and we had a discussion about Islam that I've had a *thousand* one nights with a lot of other people but he's an A-list movie star so now our very deep media started to care about It's always easy to do a story about somebody being mad at somebody, so when a few thousand people *online*, who didn't have to do anything more than click a button, who didn't even go to Berkeley necessarily, wanted me to be disinvited as the commencement speaker, because, you know, I'm a racist... Right. Because Islam is a race. You know, this is the level of logic we are dealing with. By the way, even Reza Aslan, my most strident critic, has gone to pains to say he doesn't think I'm a bigot. Here's what he said on HuffPost Live — he said: "Bill Maher is not a bigot. I know him. [Audience cheers] We are friends. We hang out with each other backstage. He loves having me on the show despite the fact that he disagrees with me on a lot of things and that shows the kind of person that he is". If even my most respectable critic who is a Muslim says this, what leg does this 'protest' have to stand on? He and I disagree on some stuff but he's always welcome on this show. That's how it's done, kids! [Audience applauses] Who ever told you you only had to hear what didn't upset you? So, anyway, the University has come down on my side, saying what I hoped they would say all along, which is that we're liberals, we're supposed to like free speech. So I want to come. I'm planning to come. I'm planning a trip to the Redwoods the next day. My only reservation in not coming is the argument that it will be a media circus and turn what should be a day about the graduates, which it should be, you, into something else. I don't want to do that. It's the only reason I would ever pull out. But let me say this to those students worried about that: I promise this will be your day. This is a commencement speech. The issue is you. My speech was, is, I hope, going to be about you and whatever tips that I thought could actually help you in life because I already lived through it. That and my funk about how Jewish women hate to have sex. So, here's my final plea to you *liberal* —in the truest sense of the word— college students. Not just at Berkeley but all over the country: Please, weigh in on this. My reputation isn't on the line. Yours is.

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Posted by: daosorios on Nov 1, 2014

Bill Maher, en su programa 'Real Time' de HBO, responde a quienes quisieron censurarlo e impedir que diera el discurso de graduación de diciembre 2014 en UC Berkeley. Original:

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